Mailing Postcards

Walking to the Post Office to mail postcards to essential voters in Kentucky and Georgia this week! I joined a campaign to help elect the Senators I’d like to see in the government. Grassroots stuff supposedly works better than shiny campaign fliers!

Mailing Postcards!

Korean Street Food

Someone online suggested I try to make what Greg and Steven are drinking in these screenshots.


Yep! More cartoon food. I didn’t know for sure what they were eating and drinking but I did some research and asked some people. Turns out Greg is drinking fruit milk (probably banana milk) and Steven is eating hotteok (stuffed pancake). I made my own homemade banana milk (and bought some commercial Korean fruit milks to compare with), and made my own homemade hotteok too. Hotteok is a glutinous dough that has brown sugar filling mixed with nuts and seeds of your choice. (I chose almonds, sunflower seeds, and walnuts!)

Banana Milk!

Filled Hotteok

Sealed Hotteok

Frying Hotteok

Cooked Hotteok

Inside Hotteok

Hotteok & Fruit Milk

Eating Korean Street Food

Road work

So they’re finally fixing the hole in the road, but they’re doing it by making a much bigger hole in the road because of some water pipes that need to be replaced and adjusted. What fun! And because it’s raining so much, it’s almost like I have a pool in front of my house. Or a lake. Haha.

New pool in the road?

Road closed

Hole in the road!

Working on the road

Filled with rainwater