Steven Universe Comic #1 (2014)

Thanks to an awesome comic book seller, I was finally able to find the last variant of the Steven Universe comic #1 from 2014 that I didn’t have–the variant drawn by creator Rebecca Sugar!

Rebecca Sugar #1

Now I have all 10 variants (if you count the blank sketch cover one).

All Number 1s

I am still missing the Original Comic #3 (2014) George Caltsoudas variant, the Original Comic #6 (2015) Helen Yoon variant, the Original Comic #7 (2015) Helen Yoon variant, the Greg Universe Special #1 (2015) Fellipe Martins variant, and the Ongoing Comic #28 (2019) Xiao Tong Kong variant. But at least I have all the Original Comic #1’s!

Sushi Burrito

At the restaurant East!, they have a peculiar sushi burrito. I was too curious and ordered it–this is a cucumber, avocado, and tofu sushi burrito. It was delicious.

Sushi Burrito

Halloween 2019

The Halloween 2019 album is up! But for now here are some of my favorites!

Purple Girl

It’s Amethyst!

Meggie as Minnie

Future Luigi

Jeaux as Jamie as Pearl

Jeaux as Jamie as Garnet

Katelyn as Ariel

Victor as Sponge Bob

Ame & Mop Ame

Who Wore It Better

Joy as Nightmare Hospital Doctor



Yasmin & Arthur – Floridians