Halloween Party 2018

Yasmin as Charizard

Friends playing cards

My Garnet costume

Me as Garnet, Ben as Steven

Me as Garnet, Ben as Steven

Meghan as the TARDIS

Haven as Tonks as Haven

Derek as Greg, Ben as Steven, me as Garnet

“Father and Son” (but not in real life)

Ben as Steven with shield

Heart Hands Garnet costume

Joy as Edna Mode

Me as Garnet, Ben as Steven

Victor as Charizard

Ben as Steven with uke

Kari as Pumpkin

Derek as Greg Universe

Jeaux as Dipper

Yasmin dances

Telescope at Wellesley

I did a talk for LGBTQ History Month at Wellesley but the only photos I took were of this telescope. Whoops.

Cool telescope at Wellesley

Cool telescope at Wellesley

Also, here are my knees on the plane, very far away from the seat because I’m short.

Plenty of room on the plane

And I had airport coffee

Airport coffee