The Explanations:

Week 1
Mon., September 1: Had a rather lazy, coffee-inspired day in which the hardest work I did involved applying comments from others to my Finding Mulligan novel. It was Labor Day, and I celebrated by not leaving the house.
Tues., September 2: Spent most of the work day whining on LiveJournal. Met Jeaux after work and we ate at B.J.’s and saw the movie Hamlet 2. Then we came home and played tennis. I did laundry randomly. I took a nap, though after I completed doing so I did not feel inspired to do anything useful.
Wed., September 3: Had a busy day at work, getting myself involved in editing images in Corel Draw. I took a nap once I got home, worked on my book, took a break to IM with friends, and went through my previous rejection slips and whatnot.
Thurs., September 4: Spent much of the work day writing a convoluted e-mail to Jessie. Boss went to a meeting. Took a nap at home, and when I got up I did still more addressing of comments on my novel, applying editing where needed.
Fri., September 5: Got happy about doing recycling at work. Composed a huge mail to one of the people who edited my book. Bought presents for Ben at Borders. Listened to Ani DiFranco while drawing Negative One. Read some of the book Princess Academy.
Sat., September 6: Wasted too much time today. Shopped with Mikey, then came home and ate Mikey’s lasagna thing at his house for a while as we watched Everybody Loves Raymond (he loves that show). Played with the Shelfari site, drew part of a picture, chatted with Daddy, and had an IM with Victor. Ate microwaved egg white, which is a nice snack if you can believe it.
Week 2
Sun., September 7: Sarah and I were supposed to hang out but her husband got sick and so she couldn’t come. So I made alternate plans with Avi, who came over and we made shepherd’s pie together. We had a HUGE amount of fun chatting for hours and eating our yummy veggie meal, and he even helped me clean up afterwards.
Mon., September 8: Got up late and had a rough day at work. More tweaking on accident reports, which are sorta morbid because every once in a while I had to work on a diagram with a fatality in it. Crash diagrams, urgh. Also had to update budgets and open new projects. Lots to do! When I got home I had a brief nap and then played DDR. After the shower I felt creative so I made my Lunar video for YouTube. Also did more editing on Finding Mulligan. Bought plane tickets to go to MEGGIE’S WEDDING!
Tues., September 9: Worked my butt off on crash diagrams at work. Went to Jeaux’s, ate at IHOP, and argued with him about pronunciation of the letter G. We played DDR instead of tennis because it rained, and after he went home I worked on the book. I completed my query letter too, and after the clock hit midnight I sent it to my first choice agent!
Wed., September 10: Depressing day. Got rejected by the agent and had to do more research to find new agents to submit to, and also got the bad news that none of my friends were in a position to help another friend. So I ate too much, because that fixes things. I snoozed sadly, and sent out three new query letters. Then I talked to Rob and made pumpkin muffins.
Thurs., September 11: Had to work on analyzing traffic counts at work. Also did some editing for one of my freelance editing clients. At home, Rob came over to drop off a bunch of stuff he needed to store for a few days, so I stacked it in my bedroom. He watched a couple episodes of Eyeshield 21 with me and left. And I got another rejection.
Fri., September 12: Victor called me in the morning as usual. Went to work and handled timesheets, and didn’t have to do more counts. Made a video again, took a shower, and talked to Rob while it was compiling. Watched 10 episodes of a YouTube show called “The Guild,” which was funny.
Sat., September 13: Drew my friend Mike’s made-up character Seedlyn, using my Copic samples from Jessie. Yay! Then Meggie came over with the tiny tornado Ben. We hit the mall and met up with Jenny, and shopped for shoes and jewelry for her wedding. We ate pretzels. I ordered pizza later and we ate it, and Ben nibbled crusts and later ran and put his face on my butt for no reason. We watched Animaniacs and talked about books. After she left I uploaded baby photos and messed with my picture pages.
Week 3
Sun., September 14: Managed to not slack off too much and got some laundry done, and started the tremendous task of organizing for rewriting my life story for my Web page. Designed some graphics and wrote a very skeletal timeline of my life. Dug through journals. Called Cara but had to leave a message. Helped Ronni test out her new iPhone. Decided to buy the big 72-marker set of Copic markers. Wrote about my college career at about 4 AM.
Mon., September 15: Was tired all day because of not going to bed at a reasonable hour. Sorted through old journal and diary entries all day. Took a long nap and dug through high school crap. I hope no one reads these paper journals when I’m dead. They contain supremely weird items. Sometimes even I don’t know what I’m talking about.
Tues., September 16: Made some changes to my wishlist for Amazon and e-mailed Mike. Worked on an ATMS project at work. Jeaux came and helped me recycle some large cardboard stuff at my place, and then we ate at Perkins. We played tennis, and later I chatted with Steve while going through more boxes.
Wed., September 17: Stayed at work for like 9 hours because I was helping prepare a proposal. Lots of annoying last-minute changes too. Got home and attacked my dinner. Took a nap, and then Rob came and got a little bit of his stuff. Didn’t get much done, but did enjoy my scented candles while screwing around on OKCupid and playing with my book.
Thurs., September 18: Came in to work early and prepared eleven copies of our proposal. Worked on it most of the day, did timesheets to the extent that I could, and went home to make CDs. Drew new Negative One drawings and had most stuff done by about 12:30. Went to sleep.
Fri., September 19: Talked to Victor in the wee hours. No work because I took a mini-vacation with Mikey to see the Dalí museum and Tarpon Springs. We had breakfast at Bob Evans, checked out the museum, went to Haslem’s, shopped for awesome stuff in Tarpon Springs (I got a pretty outfit!), and jammed to tunes. We talked about politics, had dinner at Golden Corral, and checked out Mojo. Then I went home and ate candy by the handful.
Sat., September 20: Talked to Victor in the early morning again. Washed dishes while chatting, then went grocery shopping with Mikey. When I got home I played on the ‘Net and took a nap, then got up and chatted with Fred while making banana split brownies. Did some ‘Net stuff with Negative One and fell asleep.
Week 4
Sun., September 21: Performed some necessary Web site updates and IMed with Victor until Sarah showed up. We ate at Sweet Tomatoes and shopped at Michaels, then she took me home and I napped. Then I spent time with laundry, and called Kari and Cara but had to leave messages. Meg and I chatted, and I ended up being able to talk to Stacy too. I made apple bread while blabbering. Then I did some more research in memory boxes.
Mon., September 22: Had to call Puerto Rico and talk in Spanish at work. On the way home I stopped at Borders and dumped my recycling, then dropped off equinox goodies for Mikey. Played DDR, showered, and got another rejection on a query. 🙁 Wrote another one to send out. Talked to Mike on the phone while redecorating. Celebrated Lughnasadh with brownies and bread in style!
Tues., September 23: Work was uneventful, and afterward I went to Jeaux’s. We ate at Mimi’s, got my dress dropped off for alterations, and watched Hancock on my computer. Rob came over to get another chunk of his crap. Jeaux and I talked while I drew, and then I fell asleep early.
Wed., September 24: Dealt with client issues at work, and wrote e-mail. Did some drawing at home, then Steve and Jessica came over. I gave him a book for his birthday. We ate at Sweet Tomatoes, and then they looked through the yearbook from our high school and screeched at hilarious photos. I did more drawing.
Thurs., September 25: Went to work and spent all day mailing Jessie. Shopped at Borders and Barnes & Noble (had to get a card for my grandparents). Someone sent me a copy of Brisingr, so it looks like now I have to read it. Went home, napped, got up, and worked on a tutorial about how my drawing process works for Negative One (because some people were talking about that on webcomic forums and I thought I’d contribute). Posted it. My Copics came! Exciting!
Fri., September 26: V called in the morning and Rob came over to get the last clump of his shit. Worked and did a horrid reading of the first chapter of Brisingr, ewww. Drew the adorable flying baby over a dozen times for my comic. Posted it, read my manga, and slept.
Sat., September 27: Played with Web page junk here and there ’til Mikey called. We grocery shopped. Tried to call my mom after but we got disconnected and her phone was screwed up. E-mailed Avi and reserved the room for the pre-party for Meg’s wedding (er, I’m in charge of organizing that stuff). Wrote some music summaries for the music favorites page that will one day be done. Went through more memory stuff.
Week 5
Sun., September 28: Woke up at like 10 AM, which is way late! Spent the morning eating, mailing, and playing with yearbooks. Avi came over and we made pizza and chatted for nine hours. We didn’t do anything else but listen to music and chill. After he left I worked on the autobiography for a while but could not concentrate so I fell asleep on the floor.
Mon., September 29: Woke up kinda late for work and didn’t make it into the office ’til 9:30. Did morning stuff and catch-up. Did some editing for Kalinda, then after work I hauled ass to the bus stop and picked up my dress, whose alterations were ready. Tried it on when I got home and it looks very very nice! I will be a pretty maid of honor! Got another rejection and had to write a new query letter, which I did. Worked more on the page and updated a few things, and read a few comics.
Tues., September 30: Jewish New Year–woo-hoo! (Technically last night at sundown, but holidays are weird.) Went to work as always and did TUESDAY DUTIES, and had to help prepare a proposal cover. After work I went to Jeaux’s. He drove us out to dinner at the Green Iguana, where they did NOT have veggie burgers despite what his lying friends say. Then we saw the movie Choke, which was awesome, as good as the book I’d say! We came back to my place and hung out awhile, and then he left and I played with my photos.