Metrocon 2013 – July 27 – July 28, 2013

Pictures from Metrocon, July 2013! Attended the anime convention in Tampa, in costume with Victor and Michael!

First: Check out this picture of Panty and Garterbelt, the characters Victor and I dressed as for the convention:

Our Costumes:

A couple of Michael:

The anime we were from is called Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. We did not have someone dressed as Stocking, sadly.

Victor had said “Well, maybe we’ll find a Stocking at the convention!” And guess what? Not only was he right, but we found MULTIPLE people dressed as Stocking:

And also, a few groups that played Panty, Stocking, and Garterbelt too!

Victor had some fun posing with some other convention attendees:

And on Sunday, we didn’t wear costumes. Here’s what I wore (and a couple photos of me posing with a girl in a Lumpy Space Princess costume):

Other than that, have some random photos of costumes we thought were cool!