The Hole Saga

A weird dent appeared in the middle of my street right in front of my house and it kept getting deeper.

Hole saga: Dent

Then the middle part caved in and there was a pretty deep, unstable hole.

Hole saga: Road cracks

And since people driving by kept riding over it, the pavement started cracking faster.

Hole saga: Further cracking

Since I work for traffic engineers I was able to easily find out who to call to report it, and I did. I called them once when it was just a dent and once when the road actually broke, suggesting they put up a barricade. They said cool but didn’t do anything and people kept falling into it outside my house and making this huge racket.

I guess someone must have finally reported it with enough urgency that the local police got involved, because I went out to take out my trash and a cop was sitting in front of my house at 10:30 at night.

Hole saga: Police Arrive

I took my trash out anyway and the police guy assumed I was walking over there to talk to him so he told me he was there to guard the pothole until someone came by to drop off a barricade.

That happened later.

Hole saga: Truck arrives

Voila! Barricade.

Hole saga: Barricade, Nighttime

In the morning it was the same.

Hole saga: Barricade, Daylight

And the only thing that happened after that was someone from the City came by to paint the pothole. It’s been like that since.

Hole saga: Person painting


Hole saga: Paint!

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