All World Acres potluck and drum circle

The next day, we got out of the tent and sat around for a few hours. Here is me, newly awake and already being baked by the sun.

Breakfast at All World Acres

Fred makes a meal of canned pears.

Breakfast at All World Acres

Most of the day we just hung out with other campers and the kids of the people who own All World Acres. We played chess, cooked, had a bonfire, a potluck, a drum circle . . . and played with the cats.

Fred enjoying a cat

We also played a fair amount of cards. I taught a girl how to play several kinds of solitaire and another game, and when things got boring I built a card house and put a ketchup bottle on top. It stayed up ’cause I’m just so good at that.

Built a card house that supports ketchup

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