Florida Trip with Mikey Day 2

Before leaving St. Pete we visited Bay Pines Veteran’s Hospital and Cemetary to see Mikey’s grandfather. This is a nice monument there dedicated to those who served.

Bay Pines Veterans monument

With Mikey, 8/2005

Moi in the wonderful Haslem’s new and used bookstore. It’s so cool in there. I want to live in one of the aisles. Here is me with all the fairy books. (I got to take a couple home!)

With fairy books

Mikey at Haslem’s

Our next stop was Tampa, and we made a beeline for Meg’s house. Here, Mikey bonds with her daughter Katelyn through TICKLE FIGHTING.

Mikey tickles Katelyn

Brendon arrived not too much later, and engaged in the Katelyn poking.

Brendon in a poke fight

Katie & Brendon, 8/2005

Katelyn’s kerchief

Katelyn’s pigtails, 8/2005

Katelyn the food monster with Brendon & Meghan, 8/2005

Hug from Katelyn, 8/2005

Katelyn & Mikey

With Katelyn, 8/2005

Katelyn, Mikey, me, 8/2005

Karaoke with Meg, 8/2005

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