Halloween 2005

I had to work on Halloween so I made it interesting at the bookstore.

Witch at work

Couple more poses before I changed out of the work outfit.

Dress I wore to work

Witch Hat

Then my friends arrived. Brendon was Space Ghost, Jeaux was a ball-playing cowboy superhero soldier pirate, Mikey was Aragorn, and I was Galadriel.

Brendon as Space Ghost


Brendon as Space Ghost



Jeaux as a ball-playing cowboy superhero soldier pirate

Mikey as Aragorn

Galadriel costume

Galadriel costume


Galadriel costume


Ivy as Galadriel


Aragorn kissing Galadriel’s hand


My trick-or-treat boys

Halloween Group!


Jeaux’s candy hoard


Brendon’s hoard


Ivy hoard


Candy hoard


Mikey’s hoard


Don’t kill Jeaux


Don’t fight over Jeaux

Florida Trip with Mikey Day 2

Before leaving St. Pete we visited Bay Pines Veteran’s Hospital and Cemetary to see Mikey’s grandfather. This is a nice monument there dedicated to those who served.

Bay Pines Veterans monument

With Mikey, 8/2005

Moi in the wonderful Haslem’s new and used bookstore. It’s so cool in there. I want to live in one of the aisles. Here is me with all the fairy books. (I got to take a couple home!)

With fairy books

Mikey at Haslem’s

Our next stop was Tampa, and we made a beeline for Meg’s house. Here, Mikey bonds with her daughter Katelyn through TICKLE FIGHTING.

Mikey tickles Katelyn

Brendon arrived not too much later, and engaged in the Katelyn poking.

Brendon in a poke fight

Katie & Brendon, 8/2005

Katelyn’s kerchief

Katelyn’s pigtails, 8/2005

Katelyn the food monster with Brendon & Meghan, 8/2005

Hug from Katelyn, 8/2005

Katelyn & Mikey

With Katelyn, 8/2005

Katelyn, Mikey, me, 8/2005

Karaoke with Meg, 8/2005

Fred Visit Day 3

Brendon & Katelyn, 4/2005

Outside with Meggie, 4/2005

With Fred and newspaper, 4/2005

Went to my grandparents’ for Passover–and for the first time I could ever remember, I was the youngest present and got to read the four questions!

Enjoying the paperweight

I brought a chiffon cake made with matzo meal (safe for Passover) and we decorated it with candles for my grandpa’s birthday, which had only been the day before!

Grandma preps the cake

Grandpa’s 84th birthday.

Grandpa is 84

Dad & Daughter