Fred Visit Day 2

We went on a picnic. Here’s Fred by an attractive tree.

Fred at picnic

On our picnic, I tried to climb a tire. (Notice the deedlybobs on my head. They’re cute!)

Climbing big tire

Look, I’m going to town on the DDR machine.

Playing DDR

Fred’s going to town too. Maybe not town, actually, more like a small settlement . . . but it’s his first time! Cut him slack! Hehe.

Playing DDR

Fred Visit Day 1

Our first action during our vacation was to eat at Zaxby’s. This sign warns against getting addicted to it.

Zaxby’s sign

There’s happy me, with my tiara on.

Happy with tiara

There’s a better picture of the tiara, and you can also see my eye-wings better.

Tiara girl

Our first night together, we went out bowling at Alley Katz. This is my first strike of the night.

Good score on bowling