The Explanations:

Week 1
Tues., July 1: Ended up chatting with a co-worker for a good bit of the morning at the office, ’cause things were kinda slow. Did some editing for a friend’s book and worked on my page, did some mail, and when the day was over I walked to Jeaux’s. We ate at BJ’s in the mall and shopped fruitlessly, then went home and played tennis. We ran out of light on our second game, so that game is to be continued. After showers, we watched two episodes of the anime Ichigo Mashimaro (which he insisted was cuter than Bottle Fairy, but he is a liar).
Wed., July 2: We had a meeting at work and I got an Amazon gift certificate as a present from my company. Beyond that I was dealing with invoice-related junk all day and was very busy. Shopped at Borders, ate, napped, and talked to Mikey about his asshole upstairs neighbors who like to throw diapers in his bushes. I wrote a letter to our apartment company for him. Did some editing, and then I ended up having to deal with a moron on the Internet. I hate pointless arguments.
Thurs., July 3: More piling-up stuff at work; invoices that aren’t matching up and attempts to communicate with unresponsive parties by fax. When I got home I took a nap and then got up and worked on my Web page, trying to add to the page about my favorite movies. When I got bored of that I started reading the book Middlesex.
Fri., July 4: Mikey and I had the day off work, so after I finished talking to Victor on the phone and drawing some of the comic, he and I went to the mall and grocery shopping. I got luggage for my upcoming Chicago trip. I didn’t feel like playing tennis even though that seemed to be something Mikey wanted to do, so after we went home I didn’t see him. I spent Independence Day working on my comic and reading more of Middlesex.
Sat., July 5: Was awoken by Rob’s phone call. Talked to him, then ended up reading the rest of Middlesex. The book was crazy good and I saw exactly what Jessie meant when she said it reminded her of Bad Fairy in scope. (Wow.) And all the characters were SO realistic. Mikey provided me with pizza. I planned on eating 2 slices. I ended up eating 4. Pig! Finally ended up rewriting Chapter 2 of FM, then took a nap, got up, did some editing for one of my clients, and called Rob and Sarah and David and John. John I talked to while making buckwheat muffins for Mom. Then Richard called me and I did dishes while talking to him. I formatted some photos while talking also, and when I got off the phone I was tired. It was a lazy day.
Week 2
Sun., July 6: Met Mikey on the courts nice and early, and got to watch him act belligerent and threatening to one of our neighbors who we have seen go in the court with his dog. What is that frigging dog guy’s problem? I won the game 6 to 3, went home, took a shower, and worked on my Web page until Rob called and came over. We chatted a bit, watched some Eyeshield 21, and then I did laundry and worked on the page forever. While writing about my favorite movies I got sucked into one of the reference pages I was combing for A League of Their Own and ended up watching the entire damn movie on YouTube before going to bed.
Mon., July 7: Day was sort of disappointing. Answered e-mail and messed about on OKCupid. Did some work stuff and discussed bridesmaid dresses with Meggie, getting rather annoyed because their sizing chart did not include me. (What, I’m supposed to go to the children’s charts? C’mon now, I’m not THAT small.) Had planned to drop off Mom’s muffins by bike today but it rained so I had to wait. Talked to Mikey about his Russian bride. Hahaha. Passed out on the floor.
Tues., July 8: Worked on surveys and evaluations at work. Then walked to Jeaux’s after work and wanted to take muffins to my mom but they’d all gone bad and smelled horrible!!! Sadness, she never got to eat them. I waited too long. Jeaux and I ate at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s and shopped at Staples, then saw the movie Wall·E. At home we watched two episodes of Ichigo Mashimaro and I kicked him out. Then I did a few chores and put a video of my sister and me as children on YouTube.
Wed., July 9: Worked on proposals at work. Went out on a quest to get a dress for Ronni’s wedding, but ended up procrastinating in getting to the bus stop, resulting in waiting for almost an hour. Good thing I had my manga with me. Some moron hit on me on the bus in really weird ways, trying to talk me into having dinner with him at the mall using broken English. Uh, I didn’t come to the mall to eat with you, jackass. I have shit to do. I was unable to find a dress, though I did find a few cute items for Katelyn’s birthday presents. Some dude harassed me for my phone number while waiting for the return bus. What is it that makes men think any girl sitting alone will randomly want to hook up with them?? When I got home I ate some food and ended up falling asleep in my foyer. Weird sleeping places FTW.
Thurs., July 10: Got a lot done at work, then proceeded to the bus stop to repeat my mall adventures to find a dress this time. Succeeded in finding a dress that would look nice on me at Macy’s (though I tried a few that would have worked), and bought a few more presents for Katelyn. Read Eyeshield manga on the way home and ended up getting caught up enough in the story that I ended up re-reading scanlations from my CD. Argh, I’m an ES21 dork. Worked on my storyboard for Negative One.
Fri., July 11: Got up with Victor’s phone call and drew some of the comic. Went to work and had to deal with proposal stuff, timesheets, and an idiotic client. Had to stay late because of rain and late timesheets. After I left, I went to Borders to shop for last-minute Katelyn presents (and cool stuff for me, whee!), and some cake fixin’s for Katie’s cake (which I got at Publix). I got home, drew more comic, had a snoozle, read some Eyeshield, and tried to go put my life back in order. I spent way too much money.
Sat., July 12: I’m glad I cleaned up the night before because I got up late. Talked to Mom and Phil on the phone while finishing dishes and carpet-raking. Then I went to the store with Mikey, where I spent too much money as always. Meg came over with the clan, including birthday girl KATELYN, who is now turning ten. I paid her lots of attention because she was the guest of honor. We watched High School Musical (which I hadn’t seen and wasn’t impressed with), and then we all ate at Five Guys (Katie’s choice) and came home to make cupcakes. Katie got to do most of it. She is becoming quite good at baking. Then we made five different icing colors/flavors and decorated the cupcakes in creative ways. And then ATE THEM of course. I also couldn’t resist taking many pictures of the baby. 😀 After they left I coaxed myself into cleaning up. The end.
Week 3
Sun., July 13: No tennis today because of court wetness. Sad! I gave Mikey some cupcakes. Rob came over and we ended up playing DDR and watching Eyeshield. After he left I didn’t do much productive stuff, except I uploaded some pictures. Also did laundry. But was ultimately disappointed with my lack of productivity.
Mon., July 14: Got annoyed over surveys at work, and got a little e-mail done. But then I went home and didn’t really do much except work on the favorite movies page, finally completing the comedy section. Did dishes and took a nap too. Boo.
Tues., July 15: Attacked work stuff with my go-getter attitude. (Oh yeah!) Wrote whiny blog posts and chatted with Victor about some hilarious criticism I got about my comic. Got some e-mail out of the way. Then after I stopped home I shopped at Abby’s, where I met a guy named Jason. Then I worked on the comic, trying to get it done early because of an impending Fred visit, but then the power went out at my place for three hours! I drew by candlelight and talked to friends on the phone.
Wed., July 16: Spent most of the work day on e-mail. After work I went to Jeaux’s. Jeaux Day has moved to Wednesday because of glitches in his schedule. We ate at Perkins and afterward we did a whole lot of nothin’. Got Negative One basically completed. Started reading the new Artemis Fowl.
Thurs., July 17: Did the usual at work, then went home and read Artemis Fowl until Fred arrived. We caught up a bit, ate at Sonny’s (he ate enough to have to be rolled out, whee), and wound up the night watching videos about transsexuals on YouTube. Then we went to sleep.
Fri., July 18: Edited more stuff for a friend while working on timesheets and other Friday stuff. Went home and read the new ES21 scanlation and some more Artemis Fowl before Fred got home from his land-searching adventure. We met with Mikey and ate at Sweet Tomatoes, where Fred did not consume quite as much food as the day before. Afterwards we stopped at the grocery store for road trip/beach food, and came home to make our fruit concoction and muffins. After Fred went to bed I read the rest of Artemis Fowl and translated some of the coded message in the book.
Sat., July 19: Assembled our junk and took off for Sarasota. Dropped in on my grandparents for breakfast and shared our fruit and muffins. Grandma is doing well even though she just had knee surgery. We only visited briefly, and made it out to the beach after getting lost about sixty times. The beach was nice and relaxing. Fred went in the water a lot more than I did, and ended up washing off his sunblock more completely and thus getting a pretty even sunburn. I got one on the top of my back and the backs of my knees. Wow, that’s talent. We munched a bit and I finished translating the Artemis Fowl code, also reading some of a Richard Dawkins book. We ate at a Chinese buffet and came home. We took showers and watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I’m glad I got to see it before it got taken down.
Week 4
Sun., July 20: Fred and I went to Borders and Perkins and Publix. We did some laundry and watched Sicko! which was great. After discussing the movie a bit, I made a vegan “cheese” sauce for macaroni and we ate that, because originally we were supposed to go to din-din with Mom and she decided she’d rather postpone.
Mon., July 21: Had to return to work, but did nothing unusual. While waiting for it to be time to go meet Mom, Fred and I did a Tarot reading about his life and did some chatting. Then we met up with Mom and my sis Lindsay at the restaurant Macaroni Grill, where Mom gave us pineapples from her plant! My mom was messing with the server’s brain trying to make him think my sister thought he was cute, and at the end of the night he left his phone number on the table for her. o_O WTF? It was a good dinner–I had mushroom ravioli. We went home and talked some more, then went to sleep.
Tues., July 22: Went to work, breaking to meet Fred for a Piccadilly lunch before he had to go home. Dealt with dumb things that I usually do on Tuesdays, then went home. Fred forgot a notebook so I called him to tell him, then packed it to send to him the next day, which was cool because I was also planning to send some other packages. Took a nap, got up, chatted with Stacy while making cookie dough, refrigerated it, took another nap, and talked to Jes while baking the cookies. Ate too much macaroni!
Wed., July 23: Sent packages to Fred, Robin, and Jef, then spent some time on e-mail. Then I went to Jeaux’s, after which we ate at Pizza Hut and watched The Man from Earth because it was too rainy to play tennis (as always). Then we watched one anime episode and he left. I cleaned up and ate a bunch of chocolate icing with a spoon.
Thurs., July 24: Last day at work before CHICAGO! Wrote e-mails and collected timesheets. At home, Mike randomly called me! He never calls! So we chatted while I finished up drawing the comic, and then when the phone ran out I got off and went in the shower and came out and began the arduous process of PACKING.
Fri., July 25: Talked to Victor in the morning and finished up some comic stuff. After I got off and took a nap, I went to Borders, Fresh Market, and the ATM. Matt picked me up for the airport since Mommy was feeling “off,” and I got on a plane after much delay. Soon I arrived in CHICAGO and Ronni was there to meet me! We hugged and got on the train and rode through the city. When we got to her apartment we chilled a bit and then went to eat at a pizza place with Adam’s family. I couldn’t eat all my pizza. Ronni and I talked a bit before bed and then I slept on her couch.
Sat., July 26: Adam got me a donut for breakfast. I ate that and my leftover pizza, and wrote e-mails ’til everyone else woke up. Ronni and Aidan played Wii and we sat around until it was time to go to Costco with Adam’s parents. We got flowers and experienced SAMPLE DAY. Wow. After a trip to the craft store we went home. Soon Ronni and Aidan and I got on a bus and met Kelly, Garth, and Jen for food (yay breakfast!), and then we hung out at Jen’s place. I got sleepy and took a nap there. Then we took the train and a cab home.
Week 5
Sun., July 27: Wedding day! We got up and got ready, then hopped on the Weird Chicago bus for transportation to the beach. I was a bridesmaid in the wedding and witnessed Adam and Ronni tie the knot. From there we took the bus to Eleven City Diner and got our party of nineteen all split up and thrown across the restaurant. After food, we went back to Ronni’s and chilled a while, ending with eating some cake with Adam’s family. Then I got ready to go out and met with John, who happened to be in Chicago producing a musical. I hung out with him since Ronni and Adam were going off to do their newlywed thing that night. John took me to a bar that played show tunes over in Boystown, and I got to see lots and lots of gay fun. Then we ate breakfast for dinner and caught up. After I took a cab home, I ended up chatting with Deborah, the gal Ronni got to watch Aidan, all night until we fell asleep.
Mon., July 28: Packed for home, took a cab to the airport, and flew to Tampa. My mommy picked me up, then had fun peeling my sunburn for me. (She seems to really enjoy doing that.) After she left, I did laundry, grocery shopped, and unpacked. I spent most of the rest of the day processing and looking at photos from the trip.
Tues., July 29: Back to work. Did some catching up. Then I got sushi at Publix and spent money at Borders. I ate a lot at home and didn’t really do much that was productive. It stormed like a mofo. I did end up working on the frames glitches that show up in IE7 (because it is a bug-filled annoying browser), and so I guess I did something of use. Talked to Victor in IMs.
Wed., July 30: Worked on writing e-mails and dealt with work stuff. It was rainy so Jeaux picked me up. We ate at BJ’s again and saw the movie Step Brothers, which was really bizarrely funny in the usual Will Ferrell/Adam McKay way. After that we went to my place and made fun of some Catholics’ behavior and discussed Finding Mulligan, which he finished reading this week. He said it was really good. Yay. After I kicked him out I just went to bed.
Thurs., July 31: Ivy’s birthday! Twelve years since I started writing THTIB! Worked and got a LOT of administrative stuff taken care of, worked on the calendar page, and attacked some OKCupid stuff. When I got home I did a little bit of DDR and read some of this book Jeaux left me called Generation Dead. Then I took a shower and did some Lughnasadh baking and did some Ivy-related drawing to celebrate my special fictional girl. 😀