The Explanations:

Week 1
Sun., June 1: I tried to get up early, but it didn’t work out. Mikey woke me up and we went to my mom’s yard sale and browsed the crap. They were selling my old dollhouse, and just like when I was a kid Mom had put the dolls in compromising positions. Ahh, nostalgia! Mikey and I played tennis after that and I won 6 to 4. After, I showered, updated the webcomic, and made a video about asexuality. Uploading to YouTube was a huge pain in the neck! Chatted with Rob and did laundry, and uploaded May’s calendar pics.
Mon., June 2: To work I went. Spent the morning doing real work–catch-up and Google research for my boss, and ordering supplies. Then I did OKCupid and LJ junk. Went home and made more asexuality videos, and while waiting for the vids to compile I read The Downhill Lie by Carl Hiaasen. Built the intro page to my about me Web page.
Tues., June 3: Dragged out of bed and went to work, where I was busy. Then just hacked away at my e-mail. Walked to Jeaux’s and ate at Applebee’s. I ordered Big Food. Pasta. And ate all of it. Then I took Big Nap. I slept too long for us to play tennis. After he left I got up and played with my site and uploaded one of my videos.
Wed., June 4: Got up, and went to work, and got a lot done on both personal and professional fronts. I managed to do a lot with the evaluation surveys our company is doing, and set up a budget transfer. I GOT ALL MY E-MAIL ANSWERED. It was sort of surreal. After work I went to the post office, Walgreens, and home. Made some more asexuality videos, and it took so long I lost my whole day doing it. Oh well. Good cause!
Thurs., June 5: Was fairly unproductive; spent most of the day on the e-mail that had multiplied during the night and doing Jerk Files. Had actual work toward the end of the day though. Bought tea tree oil and Tofurky at Abby’s after work, slacked off, and took a nap. Played on OKCupid and worked on my Hobbies page for the site. Chatted with Rob and made Ronni some lemon cookies.
Fri., June 6: Got up at the asscrack of dawn from Victor’s call. We talked about Bad Fairy and Encyclopedia Dramatica. Had to go get Gatorade and cigarettes for Mikey because he was horribly sick. Went to work and did timesheets and transfers and budget increases. Bleh. Finished the day by reading about more jerks. After work I talked to Richard the air conditioning guy and made a new friend. Went home, played with music, and took a nap. Drew the comic while listening to Cat Power and Edie Brickell. Trolled YouTube for cute babies. Sulked because Eyeshield scanlations didn’t appear.
Sat., June 7: Mikey had recovered enough to take me shopping, so we went. I got a li’l food. Made more asexuality videos and worked on the Hobbies page more. Ate a lot and racked up dishes, took a nice shower, and chatted with Rob. Not a very productive day I’m afraid.
Week 2
Sun., June 8: Woke up from bizarre dreams. Played tennis and beat Mikey. Came back, showered, did laundry, and used my dishwasher for the second time ever. Made brownies and worked on the Web page and made another video. Rob called and we set up our afternoon. We ate at Friday’s, and I introduced him to the Eyeshield 21 anime AND made him watch The Forbidden Zone. After the movie he requested more Eyeshield. I have addicted him! Score! After he left I uploaded another video to YouTube.
Mon., June 9: Eh, not bad as Mondays go. Dealt with more surveys and issues with upper management. Answered loads of e-mail. I had time to get dressed, straighten up, and nap before Kevin came over. We made pizza, which I found out was his kryptonite, and we were gonna go to the movies but the dough was taking too long to rise so we couldn’t make it. We watched the movie Stranger Than Fiction on DVD instead and he really liked it. I was rather tired by the time he left. I made another video later.
Tues., June 10: Dealt with crap thrown at me while working–annoying things occurred regarding starting up a project. I was glad when the day was over. I went to Jeaux’s, ate at IHOP, and I drew part of a cute li’l baby who now has her own storyline. Yay Ivy! We hung out at home and I talked to a girl from OKCupid, and then we decided to try to play tennis but another couple was hogging the court and they did so until it was too dark to play. (And of course the apartment complex has ignored my plea to start turning on the lights already.) So Jeaux and I watched anime instead, and then he left and I watched transsexuals on YouTube.
Wed., June 11: Had to go through boxes at work to find elusive documents. Still got time for e-mail. I screwed around on the computer at home, took a nap, and filmed another asexuality video. I worked on the comic while it was compiling. Then I filmed the follow-up video and processed that one. Listened to Alanis’s new album and two more albums I bought from Feist and The Breeders. They were all excellent.
Thurs., June 12: Went to work and had little to do but kick e-mail. My boss told me not to print a job I’d been planning to spend the day printing. Dealt with computer communication issues with another company, and then it got thundery outside. I went home but didn’t get soaked. Got bored and took a shower and did dishes. Then I worked on REALLY boring bits of my Web page, including a very stupid one about what clothes I like. If I’m not interested, I wonder who the hell else will be? Rob came over to steal my Internet to work on his online class while eating tofu and grapefruit. Then we watched Eyeshield when he got a break. He is SO addicted. I went to bed after he left.
Fri., June 13: There was nothing special about Friday the 13th. I worked and spent the day getting little done. Went home and ate too much. And then drummed up a bunch of changes because of my new Negative One Ivy storyline. The drawings came out really good this week. And then my scanlations weren’t up again. Mrar. Distracted myself with toe-touches.
Sat., June 14: Grocery shopping with Mikey, and then we made pizzas and watched Far and Away. I slacked off after he left, took a nap, and read my scanlation of ES21. Worked a little on my dumb fashion page. I didn’t feel like working, so I IMed with friends for hours instead while eating leftover pizza.
Week 3
Sun., June 15: Met Mikey for tennis and beat him with banana power. We went in the pool after, and then I went home to shower. I worked on my book, did laundry and dishes, and chatted with Rob and Dad. Rob came over to steal my Internet again and yet again we watched an episode of Eyeshield. I sent my book to Stacy and went to sleep.
Mon., June 16: Wasn’t too enthused about today. Work was pretty boring but I didn’t expect it to be a party. Got some crap answered and dealt with invoices. Made myself presentable after riding home in the rain. Kevin came over and we went out to see the movie Son of Rambow, and we ate pizza at Boston’s afterwards. We wasted time at my house until I finally had to kick him out because I was falling frickin’ asleep. . . .
Tues., June 17: The Day of Dread: I volunteered to organize my co-worker’s office. He had some of the craziest stuff in his boxes, which I unpacked and tried to sort. It’s a hopeless task. It took all day just to get the boxes out of the floor. Went to Jeaux’s after work, ate at Sweet Tomatoes with him, and went to see the movie Kung Fu Panda. Back at my place we played tennis but darkness stopped our game. We showered and watched anime, and then he left and I worked on a response to a video until I got too tired.
Wed., June 18: Disappointing day at work sorting through the refuse I’d unearthed. I didn’t get time for much else except for running around chasing other people’s information, sending faxes, filing, and sending someone’s phone bill back to them because they accidentally put it in a package with something they were sending to us. Went grocery shopping on the way home and I was REALLY hungry. Ate, took a nap, then got up and called Mom but she didn’t answer. Talked to Mikey on his new phone. Then worked on the photos for the fashion page and almost finished.
Thurs., June 19: Cleaned my apartment in the morning and got some music for Mikey. Procrastinated on everything important at work. Mailed friends and got the inbox down to less than 20. Went home, ate, called Rob, then took a nap, played with pictures, and chatted with him when he got to my house to steal my Internet. Made blueberry muffins. We watched two episodes of ES21 and I finished photography for the fashion page.
Fri., June 20: Woke up to V’s phone call and drew a BUNCH of my comic. Listened to tales of dreams, comic books, and how exactly a dirty picture of a GI Joe villain looked. ‘Kay. Went to work, did timesheets, and answered mail. After work, eating, and snoozing, I talked to Rob and Mom, washed dishes, and drew pictures. Rob stole my Internet yet again and while we were working on our own stuff I got the comic up. We watched our football cartoon too. Then he left. I read my manga and slept.
Sat., June 21: Wasted my life today. Made pie and muffins for Midsummer. Washed the dishes. Snoozed, then Mikey showed up to take me shopping. I came back from the errand to see an IM from Victor so I answered it, and while we were talking I kept getting IMs from the rest of the free world. Didn’t do anything else the rest of the day but eat Mikey’s fake chicken dumpling thing.
Week 4
Sun., June 22: Began the day by eating stuff that was bad for me. Chatted to Victor about idiots who think they can write. Wasted time and plugged away at the fashion page, getting sidetracked. Tried to rustle up the motivation to redecorate for the new season and take a damn bath. Finally a storm shut my lights out and I was forcibly removed from the Internet, so I took that as a sign and got busy. Listened to music while redecorating. Sent music to Mikey. Talked to V while working on my collections Web page. My sister called and we chatted forever. Tried to go back to work afterward but I was too tired.
Mon., June 23: Brought muffins to work and they got eaten! Ended up wasting my accounting chick’s time by not double-checking someone else’s mistake, so I got yelled at. Other than that the day was uneventful. Spent the day editing a story for an aspiring author and one of Rob’s stories. Then I went to Bed Bath & Beyond, but didn’t find a cool summer table runner. Came home, worked on the book collection page, and IMed with Kalinda, Alicorn, Fred, and others. Kalinda and I decided to swap novels for editing. Spent tons of money on the Internet–among other things buying my plane tickets for Chicago.
Tues., June 24: Did my usual Tuesday duties at work and hacked away at OKCupid mail, MySpace messages, and Kalinda’s story. Went to Jeaux’s and we ate at Village Inn, where he got an undercooked chicken sandwich and feared he’d been poisoned. Played tennis, starting early enough that we wouldn’t get screwed by the sun, and I beat him 6 to 1 in both sets. Then a storm began once we were inside. After showers I got distracted by IMs, Mulligan, and food.
Wed., June 25: Inventoried files at work and did an evaluation for a co-worker. Answered mail all day. Invited my mom to Sweet Tomatoes, and she said yeah, so we ate together and whined about life. I took a very short nap, then worked on my collections pages and wish list. I really don’t want to start the favorites page. Edited the work log and tried to do an asexuality video response but my camera would not cooperate. Gave up and watched videos about dwarfs all night.
Thurs., June 26: Walked to work and got all sorts of stuff done: Project numbers, phone number research, project classification. . . . You name it! Then I worked on mail and work log and OKCupid junk. Stacy and li’l Sam showed up at the end of the day and we ate at IHOP and caught up. I ate too many eggs. We shopped at Target, where I found the perfect table runner. And I got some tennis balls. We sat around at my place chatting. Stacy gave me a cool pendant and I gave her some pie. Sam played with my toys and we put on silly hats. We played the Twenty Questions electronic game and marveled at its inability to guess “ice cream.” Stacy became a fan of Victor. After she left I played with my page, succeeded in getting my asexuality video on the Internet, and made buttons for my new favorites page but I still don’t wanna start it.
Fri., June 27: Biked to work, did the timesheets and accomplished a lot of cool stuff. Did mail and re-read parts of THTIB 4 for no reason. When I was about to leave I ended up having to stay an extra twenty minutes because of last-minute needs of a co-worker. ::sigh:: Went home, listened to V talk in IMs about cartoons, and took a nap. Woke up late and had to pull 8½ Daxes out of my ass. Listened to Feist and Alanis while drawing. Brought Mikey a Patriots keychain to cheer him up. Put the comic up and fiddled with some page stuff.
Sat., June 28: Got up early and got ready to go out. Mikey took me to Target, Staples, Abby’s, and Publix. I saw Steve at Target! Yaaah. We ate at Alessi and I bought him a stromboli. I ate too much pizza. I went home and took a long-ass nap. Got up later and worked on the movies favorites page. It’s going to take forever.
Week 5
Sun., June 29: Spent hours and hours working on my hideously dumb movies page, but then I finally got sick of it and decided to DO some things. I made another video. I played DDR. I took a shower. I did laundry. I drew a cute picture of a baby’s foot. After that was all done, I was tired, and when a blanky came out of the dryer all warm and special, I wrapped myself in it and fell asleep on the floor immediately.
Mon., June 30: Back to ol’ work. My boss was randomly vacationing! He’d forgotten to tell me last week that he’d be out. I spent the day tying up loose ends and addressing e-mails. A co-worker had brought in cake and munchies so I ate those instead of lunch! I got some old mail done at OKCupid and did some chatting. Then I went home and ended up napping, playing DDR again, and taking a shower. After the shower I worked on page stuff, read, played with pictures, and sent e-mails. Got my freakin’ economic stimulus check from the government.