Fred Visit Day 2

Shopping, Picnicking, and Poetry!

We did silly errands and then shopped at the mall for my sister’s birthday and Mother’s Day.

Big gumball machine

Then we went back to my house and got some picnic food, and we went onto the campus of my school. We got on the roof of the University Auditorium and had a picnic.

Fred on UMA roof

Chocolate milk

Roof of UMA

Fred and I then frolicked in the music building for a while. I played the piano and stuff and then we went home. I was tired so I napped, I think Fred napped a little bit too. Then we got up and went to the Kotobuki restaurant for Japanese food.

Miso soup

Fred with sushi

Then we went to famous Thursday Night Poetry Jam at the Civic Media Center.

Performing at poetry reading

When we went home we watched the movie Matilda and then went to bed sometime afterwards.

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