Halloween Party 2023

Had a great Halloween party! No disasters, all fun, total of 14 guests! And they were all fans of my food! Happy!

Molasses-Ginger Cookies

Cream Cheese Pumpkin Roll

Candy Corn Fudge

Me as Pearl – Steven Universe

Me as Pearl – Steven Universe

Meghan, Adam, Dare


Ben as Waldo

Ivy and Jeaux both as Pearl

Kari as a shark

Dare as Dr. Forrester – MST3K

Adam as Matt Foley – SNL

Yasmin’s Plate

Yasmin as Business Clown

Yasmin & Arthur

Meghan as Rose Quartz – Steven Universe

All Steven Universe costumes

Ivy as Pearl, Meghan as Rose Quartz

Guests – Ben, Kari, Jeaux

Guests – Dorian, Michael, Ben, Kari

Guests – Dare & Yasmin

Guests – Rachael, Finch, Goose

Arthur with pumpkin roll

Speaking at University of Virginia

I choked on my coffee TWICE in the airport because I drank it too fast.

Airport Coffee

Here is me in a hotel room checking over my slides before a presentation.

Reviewing slides for a talk

Me with Carrie, the Queer Student Union secretary who invited me to present at University of Virginia.

Carrie and me at my UVa talk

I got a really sweet little gift from the UVa students: Chocolate candy!

Chocolate candy gift from UVa