Solstice Day in California with Fred

Got to visit San Francisco, the Golden Gate bridge, and the Pacific Ocean on the Winter Solstice, and then we did a Yuletide ritual together.

Haite Street

Fred at the Golden Gate

Ivy at the Golden Gate

Caution sign for the beach



Ivy in the sunset

Fred in the sunset

Greeting the Pacific Ocean

Nice moonlight

Solstice ritual

Yuletide altar

Solstice ritual

Solstice ritual

Fred enjoying Yuletide meal


Crystal in the jacuzzi

Silly with the crystal


Wassail and winter fun with Fred

Visiting Fred in San Jose! We made wassail with cider, apples, and our own spices in a tea ball, and made crescent cakes for the full moon.

Trying Fred’s keyboard

Calling co-host Loco

Fred making crescent cakes

Fred making wassail

Ivy drinking wassail

Fred drinking wassail

Moon face decorations

Cracked apple

A little cold

A little silly

Pretending to sit on the wall

Anime Weekend Atlanta – Saturday

My first anime cosplay! I’m Little Washu from Tenchi Muyo. I had a wig that I was trying to dye pink but I ruined it, so I just had to be a blond Washu.

Other cosplayers from my same anime were there! I didn’t know them but I got a picture.

Ayeka, Ryoko, Washu

(Yes I had the cute little Washu robots on my shoulders.)

My Washu Costume

Here was someone dressed as the main character of the anime I was from:


And here are a couple of cosplayers who were dressed as characters from animes I liked.


Sailor Jupiter