Long Hair

David and I got to know each other because he found my picture on a page full of women with long hair. Conversation revealed that he wasn’t a creep as far as I could tell, but he definitely had a very particular interest in my hair and I let him take photos of it. He also bought a wig at Spencer’s and had me take his photo while wearing it.

My hair

My hair

David’s wig

David has arrived!

My online friend David decided to come to the USA from Malta. He needed somewhere to stay and originally he was going to stay with me but my roommate changed her mind on whether she was comfortable with it so I got my friends Aaron and Steve to let him stay with them. It was very cool of them.

David is on Steve & Aaron’s couch!

Fred’s first visit!

Fred flew from California to meet me for the first time after having a friendship through online and phone interaction only! We had a blast even though it was only for two days.

Fred & Ivy with Thbthb the pillow

Fred hugs Thbthb

Fred tries shribble soup

Fred and Ivy

Ivy’s bike

James and Chris visiting from Alabama!

My friend James visited me from Alabama and brought his friend Chris who is hilarious.  We played PlayStation a lot, went to Napolitano’s to sing karaoke (where Chris sang Adam Sandler’s “Ode to My Car,” to everyone’s shock and amazement), and went out to eat a lot.

James “don’t hit me”

Ivy & James, pigtail crew

James & Chris

James & Ivy with Pringles

Squatting on the roof

Pringle Quack with Ivy & Chris

Chris plays funny songs on guitar

Ivy laughing at Chris’s songs

Pizza with the short boys

Pizza with the tall boys

Ivy’s ripped jeans

Ivy pondering

James’s colorful pigtails