Chris Visit!

Hanging out with Chris from Alabama!

Chris and Ivy

Silly pose, Chris & Ivy

Chris’s Boognish sweater, Ivy hug

Ivy being lazy

Chris being gross with a costume piece

Pretending to drink a big beer

Chris with music calendars

Chris with Rapunzel hair

Dancing in the alley

Riding the bike with no hands or feet

Chris riding the bike

James and Chris visiting from Alabama!

My friend James visited me from Alabama and brought his friend Chris who is hilarious.  We played PlayStation a lot, went to Napolitano’s to sing karaoke (where Chris sang Adam Sandler’s “Ode to My Car,” to everyone’s shock and amazement), and went out to eat a lot.

James “don’t hit me”

Ivy & James, pigtail crew

James & Chris

James & Ivy with Pringles

Squatting on the roof

Pringle Quack with Ivy & Chris

Chris plays funny songs on guitar

Ivy laughing at Chris’s songs

Pizza with the short boys

Pizza with the tall boys

Ivy’s ripped jeans

Ivy pondering

James’s colorful pigtails