More hanging with Baby Ash

Yusuke is very good at calming the baby by holding him sideways and making a whisper sound. He almost always quiets right down!

Making the shhh noise

Mommy was dancing with her grandson!

Dancing with grandson

Ash looks at my mom like she’s being a huge goofball.

Ash questions Grandma’s judgment

Ash seems to have no idea why he is so interesting.

Moody baby

Mommy, Yusuke, Patricia, Ash, and I went to a café and listened to a cool saxophone/piano duet. Ash didn’t fuss about it at all.

San Francisco jazz


New Year’s with Baby Ash

Here’s my mom in San Francisco admiring the flowers.

Mom with flowers!

Baby Ash is chillin’ on a pillow with his mommy.

New mommy Patricia

My first photo of me holding my baby nephew. He was thirteen days old.

My brand new nephew

My mom (Ash’s grandma) is holding him.

New grandma Marcia

Yusuke is cuddling his son.

New dad Yusuke with Ash

I had Ash’s little foot in my hand.

Tiny Ash Foot

Baby Ash

We got on a plane to San Francisco to go meet my new nephew Baby Ash.

Plane selfie

Here I am on the bed in the rental home we stayed at in San Francisco.

Bed in the AirBNB

Here I am in the bedroom in the rental home we stayed at in San Francisco.

Me in the AirBNB

Mom and I were sitting on the couch in the living room of our San Francisco rental home.

Mom & me in the AirBNB

My mom, now a grandmother, gets to hold her grandson Ash for the first time.

Mom meets Ash

My baby nephew’s adorable hands.

Newborn Ash’s hands

Little baby Ash has sweet little feet.

Ash’s sweet baby feet


Solstice Day in California with Fred

Got to visit San Francisco, the Golden Gate bridge, and the Pacific Ocean on the Winter Solstice, and then we did a Yuletide ritual together.

Haite Street

Fred at the Golden Gate

Ivy at the Golden Gate

Caution sign for the beach



Ivy in the sunset

Fred in the sunset

Greeting the Pacific Ocean

Nice moonlight

Solstice ritual

Yuletide altar

Solstice ritual

Solstice ritual

Fred enjoying Yuletide meal


Crystal in the jacuzzi

Silly with the crystal