The Explanations:

Week 1
Fri., February 1: Posted photos, worked and left work early to go to Gainesville for the Faire with Mikey. Drank coffee, went to Farrah’s, and saw old co-workers at Books-A-Million. Hung out in the hotel room drawing.
Sat., February 2: Went to Perkins for breakfast, visited the morning BAM folks, and went to the Ren Faire. Shopped and watched acts and saw Meggie’s family. Ate at Golden Corral on the way back. Unpacked.
Week 2
Sun., February 3: Slept in and spent some of the day writing my “Mulligan” book. Ate lasagna made by Mikey, worked on the Web page, and redecorated for Imbolc.
Mon., February 4: Worked the usual and had to deal with trying to find people to do traffic counts for us. Shopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Played with the Web page, took a nap, played DDR and worked on the Rants Page some more.
Tues., February 5: Worked, went to Jeaux’s house, and ate at Friday’s. Spent too much money at Target, played tennis with Jeaux, and kicked him out.
Wed., February 6: Worked all day printing crap for a manual. Went to Sweet Tomatoes with Mom and Matt by random request. Played DDR, chatted to Victor online, and finished my Rants Page and put up a new Writing Page.
Thurs., February 7: It was raining and I didn’t feel like going to work, but I did. Annoying—seem to have lost an important document at work. Got home and put up the new shelving I bought at Target and rearranged my knickknacks on the shelves. Reorganized my closets and holiday supplies. Talked to Raúl on the phone. Worked on Victor’s photo page.
Fri., February 8: Talked to Victor, drew for Negative One, and dealt with late timesheets at work. Did errands, worked on the comic while listening to a Sam Harris lecture on the computer, balanced my checkbook, and put up the comic. Read my manga, posted the comic, and went to bed.
Sat., February 9: Got up early to do dishes and laundry and Web page stuff. Went to Staples and the mall with Mikey. Worked on my page, chatted to Aoi online, and had to abandon the computer when Fred arrived. Ate at Sonny’s. Steam-cleaned the carpet after Fred’s encounter with dog poop.
Week 3
Sun., February 10: Worked on photo pages, woke Fred up and made waffles from scratch for breakfast. Went on errands and shopping together. Had dinner at Bonefish Grill. Made agave nectar cupcakes. Read some of my old first novel.
Mon., February 11: Worked and came home, went shopping at Target and GameStop, read more of my old book, and dug through memory boxes trying to find the old drawings I was looking for for my ancient history section of the long fiction page. Found an old bracelet given to me by my first boyfriend in one of the memory boxes.
Tues., February 12: Cleaned up, went to a rather boring day at work, and ate at Alessi with Jeaux. Watched the movie Waiting . . . on DVD with Jeaux.
Wed., February 13: Went to work and handled invoicing issues. Fred came over and I made Valentine’s Day food: Truffles, red velvet cupcakes, and rosebud cookies. Ate at Bennigan’s and drew for the comic.
Thurs., February 14: Had to work on producing documents at work. Received Valentine’s chocolate from Mikey. Went to my mom’s for dinner with Fred. Made everyone eat my Valentine’s goodies. Went home and slept.
Fri., February 15: Worked on timesheets at work and watched everyone cancel their meetings. Ate at Sweet Tomatoes with Fred. Then Fred left to go hang out with my mom and I ate chocolate and finished my comic.
Sat., February 16: Talked to Victor on the phone, doodled an Ivy drawing, and went back to sleep. Mikey came over and we went shopping. Played with a football and played tennis with him. Beat Mikey 6 to 2! Ate chocolate. Wrote more of “Mulligan.”
Week 4
Sun., February 17: Worked on my long fiction page all day, except for when Fred came for breakfast and I fed him homemade breakfast sandwiches and tater tots. Had to go through old journals to get the right dates for something on the page.
Mon., February 18: Presidents’ Day—I was off work. Spent the day writing my “Mulligan” book, except for the part where I took a break to bake a cake from scratch for Mikey and we hung out together for pizza and cake because it was his birthday.
Tues., February 19: Very, very busy at work. Ate a ton of food and worked on the long fiction page. Wrote in the dark.
Wed., February 20: Helped with a proposal at work. Fixed some stuff that was messed up on my bike. Took a nap. Wrote another chapter of “Mulligan.”
Thurs., February 21: Worked on the proposal at work. Ate a lot and took a nap. Made a photo CD for Robin and re-read some “Mulligan” stuff. Hid from the world because I am a hermit.
Fri., February 22: Worked on the Proposal from Hell at work and got it delivered. Bought a new book and took a nap. Was hungry all day for some reason, even though I kept eating stuff. Talked to Sarah and then Stacy on the phone while drawing. Posted the comic.
Sat., February 23: Grocery shopping with Mikey, and we decided not to go to the Faire in Tampa as planned because it was rainy. We went to the mall and other shopping instead, and had lunch at IHOP. Took a nap, washed dishes, talked to Mom in IMs, and worked on the long fiction page. Did laundry.
Week 5
Sun., February 24: Played tennis with Mikey and beat him again. Sat around like a lump and played with my crappy theremin sim. Dad and I had lunch at Alessi and hung out in the afternoon talking. After he left I wrote a crazy “Mulligan” chapter.
Mon., February 25: Tied up loose ends at work. Had to work on a presentation. Tried to install my Dazzler software but couldn’t get it to work right. Worked on “Mulligan” (editing) and chatted on the phone with Robin while drawing.
Tues., February 26: VERY long day at work working on the presentation and another co-worker’s report. Ended up late to Jeaux Day. We had Chinese food and saw the movie Juno. He worked on trying to install my Dazzler stuff for me and we got it to work. I went to bed early due to exhaustion.
Wed., February 27: Got up really early, ate breakfast at IHOP with Jeaux, and went to work two hours early so I could finish binding the reports. Got done on time and got to have a low-key afternoon. Went home early, shopped at a secondhand clothes store, and got hired for an editing project and worked on it. Paid my bills.
Thurs., February 28: Low-key day at work. Wrote a storyboard and edited for the new job. Hung out with Kari, Jef, Kit, Billy, Thea, and Peck. Got a cool late Christmas gift from Kari: A shirt with Weaver on it that she made.
Fri., February 29: Chatted with Victor. Timesheet day at work. Did more editing. Came home, napped, finished the comic, and posted it. Read my manga. Went to bed.