Here’s me with a big blow-up bat with which I was preparing to smack Fred, probably.

A big bat

Here’s Fred riding a bike to the picnic we were going to have.

Fred rides my bike

We had our picnic on a roof; here is me on the wall that is around the outside of the roof.

Lounging on the wall

And here’s me on the wall again, because Fred seems to be camera-happy.

Sitting on the wall

There’s Fred enjoying the food of the picnic.

Fred enjoying the roof picnic

There’s me, also picnicking.

Ivy enjoying the roof picnic

After lunch we played my game, The Phantom Whistler. On a second-story roof, I whistle and then see if the people on the ground figure out where the sound is coming from.

Whistling at passersby

These are some people we photographed who were walking by while I was whistling. Hehe!

People walking by on the ground

There’s me populating! Another one of my pranks: I made little men out of clay and give them roof-pebble heads, and place them all over the music building in a mini-men invasion.

Hiding clay men in the wall

Fred helped. 🙂

Hiding clay men in the wall

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