Cat Steven Plush

I commissioned a talented plushie maker on Tumblr to make a stuffed animal of Garnet’s cat. So of course when I received the adorable plushie from PinkyPlushieMaker, I had to dress up and pose with her.

Cat Steven

Cat Steven in my lap

Love for Cat Steven

Cat Steven on my head

Garnet Loves Cat Steven

Cat Steven & Garnet

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  1. Kristina Kittensworth


    I love this plush and I looked everywhere for it. How much does it cost for you to commission and order that Cat Steven plush? I want the exact same plush creation like you have it. 😻

    • swankivy


      Hello! This plush is one of a kind so you can’t find it from anywhere else. I asked a really good plushie maker on Tumblr to make it for me and they accepted the job. It was pretty expensive though–cost $200. The plushie maker’s blog is named PinkPig Studios and the address is . You can only commission her when she opens commissions, and she said she’s doing commissions again starting about a week from now, so if this is in your budget and what you want, you can ask her there!

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