Metrocon Day 2

I went to Metrocon as Stevonnie on Saturday! Here are a few of my favorites, but you can see the whole album in the collections section.


Me as Stevonnie (Steven Universe)

Me as Stevonnie with Pearl (Steven Universe)

Me as Stevonnie with Pink Diamond (Steven Universe)

Stevonnie & Steven Tag Pearl (Steven Universe)

Jasper, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Stevonnie, Steven Tag Pearl (Steven Universe)

Two Stevonnies (Steven Universe)

Future Steven & Stevonnie (Steven Universe)

Stevonnie & Steven (Steven Universe)

Two Stevonnies (Steven Universe)

Me as Stevonnie running the SU panel

Metrocon Day 1

I went to Metrocon as Pearl on Friday! Here are a few of my favorites, but you can see the whole album in the collections section.

Closeup: Pearl (Steven Universe)

Dipper & Mabel with me as Pearl

Princess Bubblegum & Marceline (Adventure Time)

Mabel & Pearl

Pearl got a rose

Rose Quartz & Pearl (Steven Universe)

Pearl & Rose with Cheeseburger Backpacks

Pearl (Steven Universe) & Fionna (Adventure Time)

Luz Noceda (The Owl House)

Me as Pearl with Steven (Steven Universe)

Metrocon: Day 1

Tons of fantastic cosplaying action today at the convention! I attended on Friday as Stevonnie and took pics of other Steven Universe cosplayers as well as other shows that I guess exist or something. There are many pics (which you can see all in one place in my Metrocon 2019 album), but here are my favorites.

Ready for Day 1 Metrocon

Steven & Tiger Millionaire

Sexy No Face


Cookie Cat & Stevonnie

Lapis Lazuli


Pink Diamond & Stevonnie

Blue Diamond & Stevonnie

Pines Family

Marge Simpson & Mermista

Rainbow Quartz & Stevonnie

Stevonnie & Steven

Stevonnie & Connie

Bow & Adora

Day 2 of Metrocon

Metrocon Saturday! Victor came as Batman of the Opera. Jeaux came as Tiger Millionaire. And I was Stevonnie with a uke. No panel hosts showed up to run the earliest event we went to so we decided to run it. I gave a quiz to people and we played some music. I met a Doctor from Doctor Who who was 6’7″ tall. We met a Purple Puma who almost tackled Jeaux as Tiger Millionaire! When I met a Steven and Connie cosplay couple I said “I really like your costumes for some reason.” A gorgeous Rose Quartz with a shield called “HEY BABY. I see you!” at me. When I met another Stevonnie they told me Stevonnie is the best Fusion and a Yellow Pearl cosplayer rolled her eyes and said “Ewww, FUSIONS.” So method.

Victor as Batman of the Opera

Batman Phantom

Jeaux as Tiger Millionaire

Metrocon: Stevonnie

Accidental Panel

Holly Blue & Navy

Purple Puma & Tiger Millionaire

Tall Doctor w/ Stevonnie


Wig Hair

Metrocon Day 1

Metrocon Friday! I wore a non-costume to the con on Friday, but I dressed up cute as a Steven Universe nerd. I had on Steven Universe–related shirt, belt, earrings, bracelets, socks, and shoes, and carried my cheeseburger backpack. Jeaux as Dipper found a Mabel who reminded us she’s the alpha twin because she’s taller. Umm. One Steven Universe had all kinds of Steveny props in his bag, including some cat fingers. Garnet and Lapis were running a panel about Steven Universe song lyrics. They forgot their Pearl Points so I gave them some of mine to give out! I won a Pearl Point for getting the right answer at the lyrics panel. And as part of a scavenger hunt, we had to hug a Metrocon volunteer. I already knew Michael so he was the one I hugged!

Convention Nerd Outfit

Got a Pearl Point

Lapis & Garnet