46th birthday CAKE

Jeaux decided it was sad that I never get cakes baked for me since I am the one who always bakes others’ cakes, so he decided to try baking his very first cake FOR ME. It’s a yellow cake with homemade buttercream frosting!

Cake for my 46th birthday

Me with the cake Jeaux made

Jeaux with the cake he made

Christmas Eve Dinner

Jeaux and I invited Dad and Connie over for Christmas Eve dinner! We made white bean pot pies, homemade dinner rolls, vegan scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, whipped cauliflower, and homemade gravy. We had a gift exchange after dinner. And then there was a gingerbread roll and five kinds of homemade cookies!

Jeaux making scalloped potatoes

Homemade Lion House Rolls

Christmas Eve Dinner

White Bean Pot Pie

Jeaux trolling my dad

Present for Dad from Patricia

Present for Connie from Patricia

Abbreviated Dessert

Dessert Crew

Jeaux’s wrapping paper trolling