Animaniacs 2020

My favorite show from the 1990s, Animaniacs, came back in 2020 and it’s just kind of emotional. I was all kinds of obsessed with this show and still own more than 10 t-shirts and all kinds of merch. Seeing it reinvented for 2020 definitely deserves a binge in sweatpants while eating popcorn.

Watching Animaniacs 2020

Pearl from Steven Universe: Halloween 2020

Can’t have parties because of the pandemic but hey, I baked some muffins and dressed up like Pearl from Steven Universe. And I set up a socially distanced candy station in my garage.

Pearl Halloween

Cute Pearl

Pearl’s muffins

Pearl with SuperCute Plushie

Pearl costume!

Pearl with Rose portrait

Pearl with Crystal Gem flag

Pearlfect Muffins

Trick-or-treat setup 2020

Mailing Postcards

Walking to the Post Office to mail postcards to essential voters in Kentucky and Georgia this week! I joined a campaign to help elect the Senators I’d like to see in the government. Grassroots stuff supposedly works better than shiny campaign fliers!

Mailing Postcards!