Fifth Day in New York with Jeaux!

Our fifth day in the city included Strand indie bookstore (where Jeaux found a copy of my book on the shelf!), coffee with my coworker Deepa, pizza with my friend Amin, and a rooftop dinner at Peak (where we also got to go out onto the Edge), and a New York cheesecake for Jeaux from Ferrara’s!

Outside Strand

Inside Strand

My book at Strand

My book on the shelf at Strand

Coffee with Deepa

Meeting Amin at Marta

Jeaux at Peak

Ivy at Peak

My daiquiri at Peak

Jeaux & Ivy at Peak

View at Peak

Strawberry Daiquiri at Peak

Farm Egg at Peak

Squash at Peak

Ferro at Peak

At the Edge

At the Edge

At the Edge

At the Edge

At the Edge

At the Edge

At the Edge

Jeaux’s NY cheesecake

Cookie in a hoodie



Halloween Party 2010

Mommy’s fancy costume on Halloween.

Mom’s Costume

Eric as a costume accessory thief on Halloween.

Costume Accessory Thief

MIkey as a priest

Mikey and me (a schoolgirl)

Catholic Schoolgirl Outfit

Heather as a nun

Amin as Luigi

Dare as Luna

Mandy as a drag queen

Derek (OC) and Sarah (vampire)

Michael as a pirate

Jeaux as Maxwell

Katelyn in robe

Steve and Meghan


Eric’s pretty face

Zombie, Schoolgirl, Drag Queen

Kim & Mandy (me photobombing)

Kim (a zombie) & Mandy

Mandy & Dare

Zombie Kim