Halloween Party 2011

Halloween party: Victor and Derek in their costumes.

Derek & Victor

Ivy the Rennie!

Katelyn, Tank Girl Shirt with a Tutu

Brent with a paper bag on his head

Michael as Shade

Mari and Avi as One Percenters

Eric, Stephanie, Mari, Brent, Kim, Robbie, Derek

Dare as Bad Horse

Anita smiles

Brent, Dare, Scott

Adrienne, Mandy, Brent

Brent, Adrienne, Mandy

Mandy & Brent

Halloween party: Mandy and I were taking a cute picture, and Victor expertly photobombed it.

Mandy & Ivy (+ Photobomb)

Halloween party: Brent stole Victor’s gauntlets and proceeded to try to kill people.

Dangerous Armwear

Halloween party: Victor, Scott, Derek, and Michael playing some card game.

Card Nerds

Kim’s Party

There was this cute teddy at Kim’s house! I hugged it.

Ivy loves bear

Avi and I were on a giant beanbag! He is doing something geeky with his electronic device.

Beanbag with Avi

My friend Eric drinking beer out of a sippy cup.

Eric’s sippy cup beer

Avi is also partaking in the beer sippy cup nonsense.

Avi’s sippy cup beer