Halloween Party 2023

Had a great Halloween party! No disasters, all fun, total of 14 guests! And they were all fans of my food! Happy!

Molasses-Ginger Cookies

Cream Cheese Pumpkin Roll

Candy Corn Fudge

Me as Pearl – Steven Universe

Me as Pearl – Steven Universe

Meghan, Adam, Dare


Ben as Waldo

Ivy and Jeaux both as Pearl

Kari as a shark

Dare as Dr. Forrester – MST3K

Adam as Matt Foley – SNL

Yasmin’s Plate

Yasmin as Business Clown

Yasmin & Arthur

Meghan as Rose Quartz – Steven Universe

All Steven Universe costumes

Ivy as Pearl, Meghan as Rose Quartz

Guests – Ben, Kari, Jeaux

Guests – Dorian, Michael, Ben, Kari

Guests – Dare & Yasmin

Guests – Rachael, Finch, Goose

Arthur with pumpkin roll

Halloween Party 2022

I finally got to have a Halloween party again. 🙂 Friends came! I was dressed as Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe.

Halloween desserts

Halloween desserts

My Lapis Lazuli costume

My Lapis Lazuli costume

Kari with Pumpkin

Meggie as Vanellope

Katelyn as a butterfly

Dare as Dipper

Benjamin as Luigi

Rachael in faire garb

Michael in faire garb

Rina in a flower outfit

Jeaux as Jamie

Meg with pumpkin roll

Kari with dessert

Jeaux and Dare

Me at my party

Me with Meg

Jeaux as Jamie

Party group

Meggie & Dare

Halloween 2019

The Halloween 2019 album is up! But for now here are some of my favorites!

Purple Girl

It’s Amethyst!

Meggie as Minnie

Future Luigi

Jeaux as Jamie as Pearl

Jeaux as Jamie as Garnet

Katelyn as Ariel

Victor as Sponge Bob

Ame & Mop Ame

Who Wore It Better

Joy as Nightmare Hospital Doctor



Yasmin & Arthur – Floridians

Halloween Party 2018

Yasmin as Charizard

Friends playing cards

My Garnet costume

Me as Garnet, Ben as Steven

Me as Garnet, Ben as Steven

Meghan as the TARDIS

Haven as Tonks as Haven

Derek as Greg, Ben as Steven, me as Garnet

“Father and Son” (but not in real life)

Ben as Steven with shield

Heart Hands Garnet costume

Joy as Edna Mode

Me as Garnet, Ben as Steven

Victor as Charizard

Ben as Steven with uke

Kari as Pumpkin

Derek as Greg Universe

Jeaux as Dipper

Yasmin dances

Halloween party 2015

Dare made my party twice as Steveny by coming as Steven Universe himself, complete with ukulele and magic belly button. (Yes, they can play the songs, and did so.)

Dare as Steven Universe

It’s Jeaux . . . as Tiger Millionaire. He even has a giant cell phone prop that he made himself.

Jeaux as Tiger Millionaire

It’s Steven and a Steven. Tiger Millionaire. Whatever. ALL THAT MATTERS IS HOW STEVENY MY HOUSE IS.

Jeaux as Tiger, Joy as Steven

Mommy came as a SCUBA diver.


“Hmm . . . from here, he kinda looks like Steven.”

Kinda looks like Steven

Eric sat in my tiny chair somehow.

Eric sat in the chair somehow

Donut girl selfie. What’cha think, do I make a decent Sadie?

Sadie costume

When you have a chance to take a selfie with a pirate, YOU DO IT!

Pirate Selfie


Halloween Party 2013

I was standing on the couch next to Derek who was standing on the floor. He was still taller.

Derek’s pretty tall

Dia costume

Michael the pirate

Victor the rennie

Derek the steampunk pilot

Shelby, Dare, Brent at Halloween

Shelby as Chihiro

Jeaux, Victor

Michael, Eric, Claudia

Yasmin, Michael

With Shelby at Halloween


Yasmin made this sculpture out of the food they were taking home from my Halloween party.

Yasmin’s food sculpture