Dedication Day

Our mom’s dedication was today. We went out on a boat and watched her reef ball be added to the reef project. We saw dolphins! And we also decorated a tribute reef with flowers and said our final goodbyes to our mom. And we got boba after.


Patricia & Ash on the boat

Ash on the boat

Tribute reef

Patricia decorating the tribute reef

Dad with tribute reef

Tribute reef

Ivy with tribute reef

Ivy with tribute reef

Tribute reef

Flowers in the water

Ivy on the boat

Yusuke and Ash on the boat



Reef ball going in

Watching the reef ball go in

Family at dedication

Throwing tribute reef

Family at dedication

Dad and Ash at Ding Tea

Casting Day

My mother’s ashes were committed to the Eternal Reefs project. My family attended the casting where we put her ashes into a solution to make a “pearl” and also decorated the collar of the reef ball.

Our mom’s plaque

Stirring ashes

Picking out decorations

Reef Ball

Collar decoration

Collar decoration

Collar decoration

Reef Ball Collar we decorated

Family at casting

Afterwards, we went to a restaurant and hung out with our dad.

Ash tries crème brûlée

Dad & Patricia Espresso

My sisters are smart at crosswords. They did one together.

Crossword Puzzle Sisters

New Year’s Day Breakfast

Small gathering for New Year’s Day–my tradition of serving breakfast! We made waffles, mini omelets containing mushrooms and swiss cheese, hash browns, biscuits, soy bacon, sausage, and fruit. Mom, Jeaux, and Lindsay came.

New Year’s Breakfast!

Mom, Jeaux, Lindsay at New Year’s

Second waffle for New Year’s

Linds enjoying the pillows

Made eggrolls

Mom had extra cabbage so she brought it to my house and we made eggrolls. She did most of the cooking so I relaxed with some wine. Jeaux stopped by to pick up something he forgot at my house so he got to have some of the chicken eggrolls too!

Mom chopping cabbage

Eggroll ingredients

My wine

Finished eggrolls 


Christmas Meal

Had my mom and two safe friends over for holiday dinner! For the first time, I got to cook and host! I made dinner and dessert for everyone and we exchanged gifts. Everything came out so unbelievably delicious!

Cauliflower roast

Vegan scalloped potatoes

Fried zucchini

Cheesy pull-apart bread


Christmas Punch

Cookie platter!

Christmas Crew

One of each dessert

Playing Beach-A-Palooza