Halloween party 2015

Dare made my party twice as Steveny by coming as Steven Universe himself, complete with ukulele and magic belly button. (Yes, they can play the songs, and did so.)

Dare as Steven Universe

It’s Jeaux . . . as Tiger Millionaire. He even has a giant cell phone prop that he made himself.

Jeaux as Tiger Millionaire

It’s Steven and a Steven. Tiger Millionaire. Whatever. ALL THAT MATTERS IS HOW STEVENY MY HOUSE IS.

Jeaux as Tiger, Joy as Steven

Mommy came as a SCUBA diver.


“Hmm . . . from here, he kinda looks like Steven.”

Kinda looks like Steven

Eric sat in my tiny chair somehow.

Eric sat in the chair somehow

Donut girl selfie. What’cha think, do I make a decent Sadie?

Sadie costume

When you have a chance to take a selfie with a pirate, YOU DO IT!

Pirate Selfie