Eric’s birthday

Eric’s birthday: his girlfriend Stephanie thought a 1UP mushroom would be a good cake decoration, but didn’t trust herself to draw it, so she had me put it on there with cake icing. It came out well!

Mushroom Cake

Eric seems sort of bashful over us all singing to him for his birthday.

Eric’s bashful birthday

Brent, Darcy, and me at Eric’s birthday party. Drawing pictures!

Brent, Darcy, Ivy

Kim’s Party

There was this cute teddy at Kim’s house! I hugged it.

Ivy loves bear

Avi and I were on a giant beanbag! He is doing something geeky with his electronic device.

Beanbag with Avi

My friend Eric drinking beer out of a sippy cup.

Eric’s sippy cup beer

Avi is also partaking in the beer sippy cup nonsense.

Avi’s sippy cup beer