Fun in Tarpon Springs with friends, and Day 12 of the Steven Universe Marathon

Wow! We spent another vacation day playing around at the pool, checking out cartoons, and going out to dinner at a wonderful restaurant. It was Day 12 of the Summer of Steven marathon! I wore my Steven Universe Crying Breakfast Friends shirt to watch “Crack the Whip.”

Room hangout

Excited about toys

Fred & Kathy at dinner

Mama bird feeds baby bird

With Meg, Katie, Fred, Kathy at dinner

Together Breakfast with Friends! And Day 11 of Steven Universe Marathon

Vacation continues with friends! We made and ate a Together Breakfast–a signature dish of Steven Universe–and decided to be beach bums. This was Day 11 of the Summer of Steven marathon! I wore my Pearl dance shirt to watch “Gem Hunt.”

Making Together Breakfast with Katie & Meggie

Together Breakfast

Together Breakfast with Jeaux, Fred, Katelyn, Meghan

With Meg at the beach

My cute shirt