New Year’s Day Breakfast

Small gathering for New Year’s Day–my tradition of serving breakfast! We made waffles, mini omelets containing mushrooms and swiss cheese, hash browns, biscuits, soy bacon, sausage, and fruit. Mom, Jeaux, and Lindsay came.

New Year’s Breakfast!

Mom, Jeaux, Lindsay at New Year’s

Second waffle for New Year’s

Linds enjoying the pillows

Together Breakfast with Friends! And Day 11 of Steven Universe Marathon

Vacation continues with friends! We made and ate a Together Breakfast–a signature dish of Steven Universe–and decided to be beach bums. This was Day 11 of the Summer of Steven marathon! I wore my Pearl dance shirt to watch “Gem Hunt.”

Making Together Breakfast with Katie & Meggie

Together Breakfast

Together Breakfast with Jeaux, Fred, Katelyn, Meghan

With Meg at the beach

My cute shirt

Night Vale Show!

My friends Katelyn, Meghan, Jeaux, and I went to the Night Vale show. The performers included Meg Bashwiner as Deb, Cecil Baldwin as Cecil, Desiree Burch as Pamela, Jeffrey Cranor as Intern Jeffrey, and Erin McKeown as the musical guest/weather. We went to IHOP after and Meg got cool coffee. Jeaux was wearing his Strexcorp shirt.

Night Vale with Jeaux, Meg, Katie

Jeffrey Cranor & Cecil

Desiree Burch plays Pamela Winchell w/ Cecil

Cast of Night Vale

Meg with coffee

With Jeaux at IHOP