Fred Visit Day 5

Visiting my parents!

We got up sorta early so we could drive to my house.

Pajamas, with hair in a knot

Matching pillows

A Furby pyramid

We had breakfast with Jessica and Ron at McDonald’s and came up with our new idea for taking over the Internet. Then we got on our way.

Fred at the pump

We arrived in Tampa unharmed. 🙂

At my parents’ house

Hugging at Mom and Dad’s

Walking stick

My baby blanket

We left Tampa after visiting with my family and got back to Gainesville, where we went to sleep almost immediately. 😀

Fred Visit Day 4

The beach!

We ate at IHOP and then headed to the beach.

Ron, Jessica, Ivy, Fred on the beach

Hanging out on the beach

Our castle

The castle we made

Ivy’s castle

We decided that I was the castle’s evil witch, Jessica was the moat monster, Ron was a knight or something, and Fred was the princess. 🙂 Later we went home and I dozed. 🙂

Waking up on the couch

We went to a Thai restaurant which kind of pissed us all off because it seemed we got bad service everywhere we went. Later we had ice cream and watched some of Tenchi in Tokyo.

Fred Visit Day 3

Traveling to Melbourne, Florida!

We did some silly errands and then we were off to Melbourne. 🙂

Jessica is tall

Fred has the bottle

Silly scuffle

Opening a Furby

We went and ate at Applebee’s and got really horrible service and good food. 🙂 Later we went in the jacuzzi and the pool. 😀 We saw The Forbidden Zone and then I fell asleep so I dunno what happened after. 🙂