Jessica’s Wedding

Jessica and Ron at their wedding reception, having their first dance as children attack them with airborne bubbles. (I don’t have any pictures from the actual wedding, as it was not open to the public.)

Jess & Ron with bubbles

This is the freaks table at the reception: Jessica’s friends. Here is me visiting them. (Fred and I were actually seated at the long front table with Jessica and Ron.)

The Freak Table

There were shells all over the table and I gave Fred the idea to put two of them behind his glasses. Isn’t it cute?

Fred with shell eyes

The wedding cake.

Jessica’s wedding cake

Jes and Ron cutting their cake.

Jess & Ron’s cake

And it’s Jes and Ron *eating* their cake. Oh, isn’t it cute, barf barf.

Jess & Ron fed each other cake

Silly traditional wedding things . . . Jessica’s about to throw her bouquet here. Observe how I’m attempting to get out of the way.

I hid from the bouquet

It’s the wedding crowd doing the chicken dance! AHH!

Chicken dance

This is me and Fred with Jessica’s mom. I am making an inexplicably weird face!

Me with Fred and Jess’s mom

After the reception, there was a real party. Observe Jes and her friends in the pool.

Friends on the raft

Here’s where I spent most of the party, on the side of the pool talking to my new friend Steven, who is quite nice, a good listener and has stuff to say besides.

Pool party

Steven, the Leader of the Penguin Tribe, is swearing fealty to me, Queen Ivy and High Priestess of Budgiland.

New friend Steve kneels to me

I liked this rope swing. I spent lots of time there during this party. (Mostly talking to Steven and watching the pool partiers frolic.)

Rope swing

It was nice and shady there.

With Steve in the shade

Fred Visit Day 4

The beach!

We ate at IHOP and then headed to the beach.

Ron, Jessica, Ivy, Fred on the beach

Hanging out on the beach

Our castle

The castle we made

Ivy’s castle

We decided that I was the castle’s evil witch, Jessica was the moat monster, Ron was a knight or something, and Fred was the princess. 🙂 Later we went home and I dozed. 🙂

Waking up on the couch

We went to a Thai restaurant which kind of pissed us all off because it seemed we got bad service everywhere we went. Later we had ice cream and watched some of Tenchi in Tokyo.

Fred Visit Day 3

Traveling to Melbourne, Florida!

We did some silly errands and then we were off to Melbourne. 🙂

Jessica is tall

Fred has the bottle

Silly scuffle

Opening a Furby

We went and ate at Applebee’s and got really horrible service and good food. 🙂 Later we went in the jacuzzi and the pool. 😀 We saw The Forbidden Zone and then I fell asleep so I dunno what happened after. 🙂