Halloween 2005

I had to work on Halloween so I made it interesting at the bookstore.

Witch at work

Couple more poses before I changed out of the work outfit.

Dress I wore to work

Witch Hat

Then my friends arrived. Brendon was Space Ghost, Jeaux was a ball-playing cowboy superhero soldier pirate, Mikey was Aragorn, and I was Galadriel.

Brendon as Space Ghost


Brendon as Space Ghost



Jeaux as a ball-playing cowboy superhero soldier pirate

Mikey as Aragorn

Galadriel costume

Galadriel costume


Galadriel costume


Ivy as Galadriel


Aragorn kissing Galadriel’s hand


My trick-or-treat boys

Halloween Group!


Jeaux’s candy hoard


Brendon’s hoard


Ivy hoard


Candy hoard


Mikey’s hoard


Don’t kill Jeaux


Don’t fight over Jeaux

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