This is something called a ha-ha circle! Get your friends together, lie on each other’s stomachs in a circle, and someone starts giggling. Eventually everyone is roaring and there is no way to stop it except to stand up.

Haha Circle

That’s it, we’re gone.

Haha Circle

Here is a series of pictures from when a very strange boy named Seth managed to shove himself completely into a JC Penney’s bag. His “hatching” is documented here.

Seth in a bag

Seth in a bag

Seth in a bag

Seth in a bag


And here are a series of pictures of me doing semi-perverted things with an inflatable sheep that Jessica and Ron got for a wedding present. Oh my.

Sheep is nice

Sheep is nice

Sleeping on sofa

Jessica’s Wedding

Jessica and Ron at their wedding reception, having their first dance as children attack them with airborne bubbles. (I don’t have any pictures from the actual wedding, as it was not open to the public.)

Jess & Ron with bubbles

This is the freaks table at the reception: Jessica’s friends. Here is me visiting them. (Fred and I were actually seated at the long front table with Jessica and Ron.)

The Freak Table

There were shells all over the table and I gave Fred the idea to put two of them behind his glasses. Isn’t it cute?

Fred with shell eyes

The wedding cake.

Jessica’s wedding cake

Jes and Ron cutting their cake.

Jess & Ron’s cake

And it’s Jes and Ron *eating* their cake. Oh, isn’t it cute, barf barf.

Jess & Ron fed each other cake

Silly traditional wedding things . . . Jessica’s about to throw her bouquet here. Observe how I’m attempting to get out of the way.

I hid from the bouquet

It’s the wedding crowd doing the chicken dance! AHH!

Chicken dance

This is me and Fred with Jessica’s mom. I am making an inexplicably weird face!

Me with Fred and Jess’s mom

After the reception, there was a real party. Observe Jes and her friends in the pool.

Friends on the raft

Here’s where I spent most of the party, on the side of the pool talking to my new friend Steven, who is quite nice, a good listener and has stuff to say besides.

Pool party

Steven, the Leader of the Penguin Tribe, is swearing fealty to me, Queen Ivy and High Priestess of Budgiland.

New friend Steve kneels to me

I liked this rope swing. I spent lots of time there during this party. (Mostly talking to Steven and watching the pool partiers frolic.)

Rope swing

It was nice and shady there.

With Steve in the shade

Jessica’s Pre-Wedding Dinner

We went to help Jessica decorate the place where she’d be having her reception, and a flower was broken. Here’s me holding the flower . . . and Fred holding the stem.

Flower and stem

I can make crowns out of napkins. Here is me wearing one I made out of my napkin, at a dinner party that took place the night before Jessica’s wedding.

Crown napkin at rehearsal dinner

Here’s Fred wearing the crown I made out of his napkin. This is my favorite picture of Fred from this vacation.

Crown napkin at rehearsal dinner

This is me and Jessica at this same party. It was very loud in the room and we were probably attempting to speak to each other.

Hanging with Jess at the dinner

Jessica and her mom at the party. Just an amusing moment.

Jessica with her mom

Hijinks with Jessica

Fred liked the exercise bike in Jessica and Ron’s apartment. We had a joke that when he pedaled, it powered the computer.

Fred tries the bike

Jessica and Fred engage in mortal combat. Fred is obviously the loser in this particular fight.

Jess runs Fred through

Jessica did my hair like Princess Leia, and I took her lightsaber and attacked Darth Maul, puppeted by the happy-go-lucky Fred.

Fighting Darth Maul

Fred was unwise to fall asleep in the same room as four pranksters. We decorated him.

Fred sleeps and gets decorated

Imagine waking up to find you are covered with stuffed animals, a banana, and a paper umbrella with tape on your glasses? D’oh.

Fred awakens decorated

Golf with Fred

Here’s the next morning. I was getting ready to go out mini-golfing, and decided to show Fred what I looked like with my hair tucked into my shirt!

Pretending to have short hair

At Putt-Putt, Fred mini-golfing.

Fred at Putt-Putt

A similar picture of me golfing. Exciting, I know.

Ivy at Putt-Putt

Errands with Fred

Here’s me with my little cat ears headband on. Look! I’m from Josie and the Pussycats!

Cat ears

When we got back to Gainesville, we visited some shops. I like Books Inc.

At the bookstore

Fred had never had “grits” before, as it is sort of a Southern food. He had ordered some in the restaurant but we didn’t have the camera then. Here’s our memory of his experience with grits.

Fred likes grits

Me in the store with bananas, and a Chiquita sticker on my head!

Ivy likes bananas

At Mother Earth they had these cool cheesecakes. Fred stocked up.

Stocking up on cheesecake


Here’s me with a big blow-up bat with which I was preparing to smack Fred, probably.

A big bat

Here’s Fred riding a bike to the picnic we were going to have.

Fred rides my bike

We had our picnic on a roof; here is me on the wall that is around the outside of the roof.

Lounging on the wall

And here’s me on the wall again, because Fred seems to be camera-happy.

Sitting on the wall

There’s Fred enjoying the food of the picnic.

Fred enjoying the roof picnic

There’s me, also picnicking.

Ivy enjoying the roof picnic

After lunch we played my game, The Phantom Whistler. On a second-story roof, I whistle and then see if the people on the ground figure out where the sound is coming from.

Whistling at passersby

These are some people we photographed who were walking by while I was whistling. Hehe!

People walking by on the ground

There’s me populating! Another one of my pranks: I made little men out of clay and give them roof-pebble heads, and place them all over the music building in a mini-men invasion.

Hiding clay men in the wall

Fred helped. 🙂

Hiding clay men in the wall

Cooking with Fred

This is the next day. I was playing with a toy where you try to get the heavy thing to swing up and land on the peg. I had just won it here.

Playing with bolero

Here is Fred, exceedingly happy that he had finally managed to win with the toy. 🙂

Playing with bolero

We went to the store to get some ingredients for our cooking exploits. This is me outside Fred’s car–the one he drove from California to Michigan (school) and later down to Florida to visit me!

Fred’s car

I’m putting away the eggs. Thrilling, innit?

Putting eggs away


We are preparing to cook honey cakes. Here is me with tools of the trade.


I guess I’m preparing the honey here.


Here is Fred cooking up the batter and frying the honey cakes!


Me with the finished honey cakes!

Made honey cakes!

Fred developed a hobby of playing my keyboard while at my house. Here is him doing so.

Fred tries keyboard