Metrocon Day 1

Metrocon Friday! I wore a non-costume to the con on Friday, but I dressed up cute as a Steven Universe nerd. I had on Steven Universe–related shirt, belt, earrings, bracelets, socks, and shoes, and carried my cheeseburger backpack. Jeaux as Dipper found a Mabel who reminded us she’s the alpha twin because she’s taller. Umm. One Steven Universe had all kinds of Steveny props in his bag, including some cat fingers. Garnet and Lapis were running a panel about Steven Universe song lyrics. They forgot their Pearl Points so I gave them some of mine to give out! I won a Pearl Point for getting the right answer at the lyrics panel. And as part of a scavenger hunt, we had to hug a Metrocon volunteer. I already knew Michael so he was the one I hugged!

Convention Nerd Outfit

Got a Pearl Point

Lapis & Garnet

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