Day 2 of Metrocon

Metrocon Saturday! Victor came as Batman of the Opera. Jeaux came as Tiger Millionaire. And I was Stevonnie with a uke. No panel hosts showed up to run the earliest event we went to so we decided to run it. I gave a quiz to people and we played some music. I met a Doctor from Doctor Who who was 6’7″ tall. We met a Purple Puma who almost tackled Jeaux as Tiger Millionaire! When I met a Steven and Connie cosplay couple I said “I really like your costumes for some reason.” A gorgeous Rose Quartz with a shield called “HEY BABY. I see you!” at me. When I met another Stevonnie they told me Stevonnie is the best Fusion and a Yellow Pearl cosplayer rolled her eyes and said “Ewww, FUSIONS.” So method.

Victor as Batman of the Opera

Batman Phantom

Jeaux as Tiger Millionaire

Metrocon: Stevonnie

Accidental Panel

Holly Blue & Navy

Purple Puma & Tiger Millionaire

Tall Doctor w/ Stevonnie


Wig Hair

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