Ace Conference in Toronto, Day 2

Here I am at the table for my book, taking names to enter in the contest to win a copy of my book!

Book drawing at my table

Here’s the Asexual Leadership Q&A panel–David Jay, me, and Sara Beth Brooks. We’re taking questions about the movement and our leadership.

Ace Leaders Panel

The college paper The Varsity came by to take my picture for a feature.

Taken for The Varsity

A prompted selfie with Sara Beth and Cole–whee!

Cole, me, Sara Beth, ace convention!

Since it was an asexuality conference, there of course needed to be cake.

Cake at ace conference!

Here I am with Alexandra–quite an exuberant fan of mine, who treated me and David like we were celebrities or something. Hahaha.

Me with Alexandra, a big fan!

Poor Southie was so sleepy after the long drive the previous day and doing the conference the whole day that she was practically drunk, and still nerding on the computer.

Sleepy Southie

Ace Conference in Toronto

I decided to take the cute purse Kari made for me on its maiden voyage . . . to Canada!

Purse made by Kari!

I was kind of surprised that the first thing I did in my Canadian hotel room was turn on the air conditioning. The Florida girl is hot in Canada? No way!

AC is on in Canada!

I got some local currency at the airport when I went to Canada. Can I blend in with the natives?

Canadian Currency!

I was so afraid I would get lost roaming the neighborhood looking for food, but I found a sushi restaurant and actually didn’t get lost! If it looks like I’m about to cry, it’s because honestly succeeding at finding my way someplace without getting lost actually does make me emotional. 🙂

I found sushi in Canada

Speaking at University of Virginia

I choked on my coffee TWICE in the airport because I drank it too fast.

Airport Coffee

Here is me in a hotel room checking over my slides before a presentation.

Reviewing slides for a talk

Me with Carrie, the Queer Student Union secretary who invited me to present at University of Virginia.

Carrie and me at my UVa talk

I got a really sweet little gift from the UVa students: Chocolate candy!

Chocolate candy gift from UVa

Creating Change with Asexual Contingent

This is me with fellow panelist Tristan. Tallest ace, smallest ace.

With Tristan: Tallest ace, smallest ace

Here is me with M. at Creating Change.

M. & Ivy

Out to dinner with my friends from Creating Change. Tristan, M., Hannah, Rin, Halee, me, and Alicia.

Ace dinner group

This is our group picture of the asexual contingent from Creating Change. Hannah, Sara Beth, M., David Jay, Tristan, me, and Rin.

Ace Group