Asexuality Conference in Toronto

Me behind the Asexual Outreach banner, doing my table.

Asexual Outreach Table

My workshop at the Toronto conference, where I discussed how to handle detractors.

Handling Detractors Speech

Me with my group of pals at the Office Pub after the first day of the ace conference.

Ace Group Pals

I got some coffee from Tim Horton’s, which is apparently a must while in Canada.

Tim Hortons

Signing books and tabling at the asexuality conference. I signed a bunch of books and held a drawing to win a copy.

Tabling at Ace Conference

At the asexuality conference, some of us took a group photo! There were lots of people who didn’t want to be in the photo or weren’t there, though.

With Asexual Activists

Sebastian and me at the Insomnia restaurant. They picked a very cool place to eat!

Restaurant w/ Sebastian

Ace Presentation at University of Minnesota Twin Cities

I got to go to Minnesota and give an asexuality-related talk at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Airport coffee is sometimes a necessary evil.

Airport coffee: necessary evil

I had planned to wear a different shirt for my actual presentation, but everyone liked my Ruby and Sapphire shirt so much that I decided not to change. 🙂

Not gonna change

The Spring Pride program in the queer student room. I was on it!

Spring Pride

Some cool queer flags in the queer student room.

Queer flags in student room

Me giving a presentation at University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Speaking at UMN

Flags in the queer student room. Including the ace flag!

Queer flags (including ace!)

In my hotel room after the Minnesota event.

After speaking at UMN

Ace Conference in Toronto, Day 2

Here I am at the table for my book, taking names to enter in the contest to win a copy of my book!

Book drawing at my table

Here’s the Asexual Leadership Q&A panel–David Jay, me, and Sara Beth Brooks. We’re taking questions about the movement and our leadership.

Ace Leaders Panel

The college paper The Varsity came by to take my picture for a feature.

Taken for The Varsity

A prompted selfie with Sara Beth and Cole–whee!

Cole, me, Sara Beth, ace convention!

Since it was an asexuality conference, there of course needed to be cake.

Cake at ace conference!

Here I am with Alexandra–quite an exuberant fan of mine, who treated me and David like we were celebrities or something. Hahaha.

Me with Alexandra, a big fan!

Poor Southie was so sleepy after the long drive the previous day and doing the conference the whole day that she was practically drunk, and still nerding on the computer.

Sleepy Southie