Fred Visit Day 3

Brendon & Katelyn, 4/2005

Outside with Meggie, 4/2005

With Fred and newspaper, 4/2005

Went to my grandparents’ for Passover–and for the first time I could ever remember, I was the youngest present and got to read the four questions!

Enjoying the paperweight

I brought a chiffon cake made with matzo meal (safe for Passover) and we decorated it with candles for my grandpa’s birthday, which had only been the day before!

Grandma preps the cake

Grandpa’s 84th birthday.

Grandpa is 84

Dad & Daughter

Happy birthday Lindsay!

We went to my parents’ house to visit my sister on her birthday. Here’s my sister Lindsay, me, and my dad, while she opened her presents.

Surprising Lindsay for her birthday

Fred and I gave Lindsay a card with a cute moon on it. She apparently liked it. (I hope.)

Lindsay’s birthday card

Linds cutting her cake that we brought.

Lindsay’s cake

My mom putting bunny ears on her dog Charlie. For some reason she has taken great pains to hide her face from this picture.

Hanging out with Mom & the dog