Sarasota with Ash

We visited Sarasota to see our dad and grandparents. Grandpa had high fives for the baby!

High-five Grandpa!

Group shot with Grandma and everyone–four generations!

Four Generations!

Ash is tuckered out with daddy Yusuke.

Sleepy Ash with Yusuke

Ash and Connie had a good time playing peek-a-boo on the floor.

Connie plays with Ash

Oh, piano baby. You musical child.

Piano Baby

Hanging out with Dad and Baby Ash

While visiting my dad, Ash wanted to eat the water bottle.

Water bottle nommer

We visited my grandmother with Ash for the first time and this photograph captures four generations–great-grandma/grandpa, grandpa, mom/dad, and son.

Four generations

My dad enjoying his grandson.

Good Grandpa

My dad trying to wear baby Ash’s tiny hat.

Dad wearing baby Ash’s hat

Grandpa’s 90th Birthday Vacation – Day 1

Me at the beach house, trying to make my Facebook friends jealous of the ocean by taking a cell phone photo of my location.

Guess Where I Am

Lindsay at the beach house, holding her little Pork Chop.

Linds and Pork

Lindsay kissing her boyfriend Mike at Grandpa’s 90th birthday dinner.


Dad with his parents at Grandpa’s 90th birthday dinner.

Parents & Son