We horsed around on the tire swing, jumped around the house, and went to dinner with Dad & Connie.

Ash on a tire swing

Ash on a tire swing

“Steven Style!”

“Steven Style!”

Ash the raspberry monster

Dinner at Joe’s Diner

Hot outdoor diners

Family visit with Dad

I got to go see my dad and Connie for our holiday gathering 2018. I rode along with Patricia, Yusuke, and Ash, and we met Lindsay and Mike there. Much fun was had!

My salad: not that adventurous.

Mike’s good with that ice cream.

Ash playing with his Uncle Mike.

My sisters Patricia and Lindsay opening gifts.

Ash and Patricia mid-gifting.

Dad and Connie getting their presents.

Gifting is serious.

Madhouse of gift-giving!

Clearly enjoying the presents!

Boys jamming in the music room.

Sarasota with Ash

We visited Sarasota to see our dad and grandparents. Grandpa had high fives for the baby!

High-five Grandpa!

Group shot with Grandma and everyone–four generations!

Four Generations!

Ash is tuckered out with daddy Yusuke.

Sleepy Ash with Yusuke

Ash and Connie had a good time playing peek-a-boo on the floor.

Connie plays with Ash

Oh, piano baby. You musical child.

Piano Baby