Fun in Tarpon Springs with friends, and Day 12 of the Steven Universe Marathon

Wow! We spent another vacation day playing around at the pool, checking out cartoons, and going out to dinner at a wonderful restaurant. It was Day 12 of the Summer of Steven marathon! I wore my Steven Universe Crying Breakfast Friends shirt to watch “Crack the Whip.”

Room hangout

Excited about toys

Fred & Kathy at dinner

Mama bird feeds baby bird

With Meg, Katie, Fred, Kathy at dinner

Phoenix and Las Vegas with Fred – Day 4

We spent the next morning by the pool. This is me before we found a place to sit, in my sundress and hat.

Swimmer outfit

In the shade

Fred sunbathing

Ivy by the pool

Writing in the sun

Fred swimming

Ivy bathing suit

The view from our hotel room was wonderful.

The view

After the pool and showers, we spent the evening at the Star Trek Experience thing–first we ate in the themed restaurant, Quark’s. (I had a hamborger. With no borg.)

At Quark’s

Photo with Voyager crew

No one is sitting with me

Someone is sitting with me

Fred wins in Vegas, 7/2004



Swimming and Sawamura

Fred and I decided to take a swim in my community swimming pool. Fred had bought me a cool bikini and I was trying it out. Fred documented it rather well I’d say.

White girl in a bikini

White girl in a bikini

White girl in a bikini

White girl in a bikini

At Sawamura’s Japanese restaurant, we ate loads of stuff, including the stuff that was on fire in this picture.


Here’s the guy who cooked it for us, he was awesome.


Solstice Day in California with Fred

Got to visit San Francisco, the Golden Gate bridge, and the Pacific Ocean on the Winter Solstice, and then we did a Yuletide ritual together.

Haite Street

Fred at the Golden Gate

Ivy at the Golden Gate

Caution sign for the beach



Ivy in the sunset

Fred in the sunset

Greeting the Pacific Ocean

Nice moonlight

Solstice ritual

Yuletide altar

Solstice ritual

Solstice ritual

Fred enjoying Yuletide meal


Crystal in the jacuzzi

Silly with the crystal