Christmas 2000

This is Corey. He lived with my parents at the time, so of course he was there for the festivities.


My dad’s parents came to our house for a visit.

Grandma & Grandpa Decker

 Dad was happy to see his folks.


Here we all are! On the left side, that’s Yuichi (the guy sister P was dating), my grandmother, me, sister Lindsay, sister Patricia, Dad, and my grandfather.

Decker grandparents, Dad, sisters, Yuichi

Later that night, there was a dinner. There’s Corey, Lindsay, Patricia, Yuichi, and Dad helping themselves.

Dinner: Corey, Lindsay, Patricia, Yuichi, Dad

We had Heather (who used to live with my parents) and her younger sister Sam there too, and on my other side is my mom’s ‘Net friend Bill.

Dinner: Heather, Sam, Ivy, Bill

Gotta get the whole table! There’s the backs of Yuichi’s and Dad’s heads, and then you see Heather, Sam, and me (with my mouth full embarrassingly).

Dinner: Heather, Sam, Ivy

Rare shot! Mom almost never sits down, but there she is!

Dinner: Mom actually sat down

Yuichi plays piano, you know. Nice pose, guys.

Yuichi & Patricia

After the dinner, we all played a group game. Kind of a tradition in our house.

Game tradition


Here’s the first of many gift-opening shots. Mom and me.

Opening gifts

Mom’s a gift

Opening gifts

Opening gifts

Opening gifts

Opening gifts

Opening gifts

Victor from MuMu Land Visits

Victor, an online friend from MuMu Land, came to visit me riding a bus from his town to my town. He stayed with me for a few days during winter break.

Receiving gifts from Victor!

Opening gifts from Victor

Received jellybeans and a Barbie lunchbox

Victor pokes his head

Victor pokes his leg

We then began to play with my hair ornaments.

Ivy with hair buns

Ivy as Cousin Itt

Ivy with Jeannie ponytail

Ivy with hair additions

Victor wearing cat ears and headbands

Victor with scissor eyes

Victor with gold hair

Victor with a pixytail beard

Victor as a nice cat

Victor as a pirate